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Trivia / Enderal

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  • Sequel in Another Medium: Dreams Of The Dying is a Web Serial Novel serving as Prequel to Enderal, and features Jespar Dal'Varek as the hero.
  • The Wiki Rule: The SureAI Wiki; unfortunately the English version still lacks some content compared to the German version.
  • You Sound Familiar:
    • Andi Krösing, voice actor of Merzul in Nehrim, here gives his voice to Lexil Merrâyil, the banker Silren, Gabor Gaboff and some minor characters in the German version.
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    • Martin Sabel, voice actor of Narathzul Arantheal in Nehrim, gives his voice to Jespar Dal'Varek in the German version, Gabor Gaboff in the English version, and several minor NPCs in both languages.


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