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Trivia / Don McLean

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  • Black Sheep Hit: "American Pie", which effectively dogged his career because everyone wanted him to write another song just like "American Pie". One issue was that it was atypically dense and complex lyrically for one of his songs. McLean's songs are usually more straightforward.
  • Creator Backlash: "American Pie", not just for the fact that it's overshadowed his other songs tremendously, but also McLean's eternal annoyance at constantly being asked what the song means. This bothered him so much that part of McLean's contract stipulates that any advertising must list at least five other songs of his if they want to tout "American Pie". How many songs of McLean's do you know?
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  • One-Hit Wonder: While "Vincent" and "Crying" both reached the top twenty on the American charts, "American Pie" was his only number one and the song he is most famous for.
  • Similarly Named Works: His debut album Tapestry was released four months before Carole King's more famous album with the same title.


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