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  • Development Hell: Misery and The Decaying Light had a roughly five-year gap due to the major unexpected success of the former and the sheer amount of touring that they did in support of it, plus the fact that Jake Wilkes is a generally slow and careful writer.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: While they are popular in Australia and New Zealand, the majority of their fanbase is located in the United States and Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia.
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  • Periphery Demographic: Extremely popular among deathcore fans, and their notoriously large merch packages and numerous humorous designs are likely an attempt to cater to them.
  • Sleeper Hit: When Misery was released, they had little hype outside of brutal death and slam circles, and while Trevor Strnad was a fan and had done his best to plug them (and had done a guest spot on the album), there was little press for the album when it dropped. Word of mouth was ultimately what led to the album becoming an unexpected success, and by the end of 2015, they had managed to build a substantial amount of hype as an upcoming act beyond what anyone could have reasonably predicted. Part of what made it such a fluke was the fact that their riff-centric, decidedly non-melodic style of brutal death simply was not accessible to mainstream fans, and had historically never been a big seller outside of the underground or certain areas of the world (primarily Southeast Asia).

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