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  • Author Phobia: Amber is frightened by horses. I wouldn't say it's much of a stretch to assume that because of Amber's fear of equines:
    • The main villain is a demonic black horse.
    • One of the other scary characters (Kria) appears to be some sort of zebra with wings.
    • Albanion, the only Fae to curse someone on-screen and the most unpredictable from the heroes' point of view, is also equine.
  • Contest Winner Cameo
    • How the comic itself started...
    • Also, a number of characters in the comic were created by fans, such as the aforementioned sociopathic doctor.
    • Most of the characters from the "Dan at SAIA" storyline aside from Mink and Fa'Lina are forum avatars.
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  • Schedule Slip: The Author is frequently sick. Doesn't seem to matter as her viewers are addicted to the comic, but it's noticeable. Amber also suffers frequent obnoxious computer breakdowns preventing her from working on the strip. Recently, she started posting rough colored strips that lack fine shading and background details to give the fans their fix of updates sooner than her production schedule would otherwise allow, posting the finished page once completed. The community reaction has been positive to this initiative.
  • Tuckerization: Alexsi Ti'Fiona was named after Alexsi Athenis, a player in Furcadia who died of cancer on August 23rd, 2004.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The 1997 story arc that saw Pokémon becoming popular In-Universe (a case of Early Installment Weirdness) was based both on its incredible fame at the time and the idea that it was a fad that would eventually die out—and in the comic, it does. Today, with Pokémon remaining a Cash Cow Franchise in real life, the arc looks dated even compared to the rest of the pre-Art Evolution strips—especially after one comic from 2009 was titled with a reference to the franchise only those who played the games would get.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Wildy and Jyrras wouldn't have remained Beings, but that was changed due to the comic having a lack of Being characters.
  • The Wiki Rule: Wiku
  • Word of Gay: For Pride 2019, Amber did a miniseries featuring characters of LGBTQ+ orientation, starting with characters that were already known: Abel - asexual & Jyrras - still figuring it out. The third was Fa'Lina who was outed as lesbian. Amber found it annoying that there was never a good time in the comic to reveal it without it feeling shoehorned in, and also that it's too similar to Albus Dumbledore.
  • Writer Revolt: This strip. It's played for laughs, but Amber is definitely making a (valid) point.
  • Write Who You Know: A lot of the characters are based off of people Amber knows.
    • A more obvious but different case is Alexsi Ti'Fiona, who was based off of a well-known (and much loved) Furcadia player who passed away of cancer [1] named, Alexsi Athenis. Said Furcadia player's in-game persona was a feline, used a mallet, and resided in a location called "Lost Lake".

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