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Trivia / Cyberpunk

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  • Dueling Games: With Shadowrun, primarilynote , the main difference between the two being Shadowrun's inclusion of fantasy elements (dragons, elves, magic, etc.). Purists stuck with the former, but the latter was more consistently popular thanks to cross-genre audience appeal. The release of Cyberpunk's much maligned 3rd Edition, combined with financial troubles at R. Talsorian, caused the game to disappear from shelves for several years, allowing Shadowrun to dominate the market, but with the announcement of the Cyberpunk 2077 video game adaptation and the upcoming release of new setting updates and an upcoming new edition, Cyberpunk appears poised to make a comeback.
  • Technology Marches On: There's nothing, at least in the main rulebook, like a smartphone — mobile phones are of the dumb variety and more expensive than Real Life ones too, and the closest thing to one -portable computers to have Internet access everywhere- are quite pricey. Those upcoming setting updates will very likely fix that.
    • Unfortunately in space exploration, the Cyberpunk world has decades of advantage with Real Life one, with several space stations and even moonbases.