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  • What Could Have Been:
    • The PMMM incarnation of Communication was meant to have the players timeloop dozens of times. Each time, the GM was going to roll on a table for alterations to the timeline, with each subsequent loop getting more and more severe alterations to the timeline.
      • One of these alterations was going to be the ‘Church of Young Saints’, an experiment of the Incubators to use Religion to enhance gains. The final form of this alteration would have been an immortal, extremely powerful magical girl coming to Mitakihara to A) Fight Walpurgisnacht and B) Recruit Madoka.
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    • The final fight against the Incubators was originally going to have Homura don her full implement regalia and boost her telepathy to connect to every magical girl in the world to ask for their help.
    • If the players had selected Essence of a Concept and Homura had pushed too hard / the players had chosen one of a select number of concepts, they would have connected to Madoka instead.

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