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  • Digital Destruction: The print used in Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 2 is ruined by nasty digital interlacing, which causes the film to jitter and strobe like crazy if you freeze-frame it - if you look hard enough, you can even notice it in motion! Fortunately, Warner Home Video has a replacement program for the defective disc. The print of this short included on "The Essential Daffy Duck" also does not have the interlacing problems of the Golden Collection print, nor does the version on "Platinum Collection Vol. 2".
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  • Genre-Killer: This cartoon was the reason why those "things come to life in a store" cartoons stopped being made, though that genre of cartoons was already considered dead (or at least, one foot in the grave) when Warner Bros. started making cartoons that had actual characters and plots to them. Regardless, "Book Revue" was the last hurrah to those kinds of cartoons.


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