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  • Critical Research Failure: Upon finding out EMI had a studio in Lagos, Nigeria, Paul McCartney chose to record Band On The Run there, thinking it would be a glamorous location where he and the band could sun on the beach during the day and record at night. The reality, however, was that after the end of a civil war in 1970, Nigeria was run by a military government, with corruption and disease commonplace. In fact EMI wrote McCartney before the band left England, warning them to not go to Lagos under any circumstances due to an outbreak of cholera — but the letter didn't arrive until after the McCartneys had left (and wasn't even seen by the McCartneys until they had returned to England after the album sessions were done.)

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  • Troubled Production: Guitarist Henry McCullough and drummer Denny Seiwell left the band during rehearsals for the album, leaving the McCartneys and Denny Laine as the only members of Wings to record the album. Upon arrival at the EMI facilities in Lagos, the band found out that the studio was woefully out-of-date, with equipment that ranged from nearly archaic to completely non-functional. Then, still in Nigeria, Paul and Linda got robbed and had a songbook and demo tapes stolen (including an early version of "Band on the Run", which Paul was able to re-record from memory.) Later still, during recording, Paul started gasping for air and, when taken out to breathe, fainted from sunstroke.

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