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Trivia / Ant-Man

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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Just try to count the number of people who misinterpret Hank Pym's infamous slap as a direct and conscious act of Domestic Abuse. Fans in these situations will often point out the vital-to-understand context of this scene, that Hank was not in his right mind and the artist deliberately misinterpreted the intentions of the writer for it to clearly look accidental, as well as the fact that it only happened ONCE in the main 616 continuity and Hank regrets it to this day, but unfortunately it remains a Never Live It Down moment for the character as people use it to paint him as a chronic wife-beater, which isn't helped by his Ultimate Universe counterpart actually being one.
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  • Follow the Leader: Hank's run as an adventurer who went without a costume or codename in Steve Englehart's West Coast Avengers's run was inspired by Doctor Who, down to at one point sporting a coat and scarf similar to the Fourth Doctor's.