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Nightmare Fuel / Ant-Man

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  • Spousal abuse is a pretty heavy topic to cover in comic books, and the subject has unfortunately become something of a hallmark with regards to the Marvel character of Hank Pym. After suffering a mental breakdown, Hank once struck his wife, fellow super-hero / Avenger The Wasp, in a fit of anger, and for decades writers have been getting mileage out of that single incident. Perhaps the most visceral representation of Hank's anger management issues, however, came from the Marvel Universe's Ultimate line, where the Ultimates version of Pym was very much not a loving, devoted husband. Pym didn't just strike his wife, he used his ant-controlling helmet to sic thousands of ants upon her (an attack which caused her to go into anaphylactic shock). As if seeing an army of insects trying to devour her wasn't bad enough, Hank's calm, cold reaction as it was happening upped the creepy factor by a thousand-fold. "You shouldn't have made me feel small." He also used Bug Spray on her while she was small, naked, and helpless.
  • Like in the movie, it's mentioned that sooner or later, repeated exposure to Pym Particles can cause mental instability. This has been retconned in and out as a factor of why Hank has mental issues up to and including the infamous slap. Meaning the thing that brought him and Janet together also was one thing that drove them apart.
    • It gets even more heartbreaking when you realize that this means sooner or later, everyone who ever uses the particle will lose their mind if they keep using it.
  • Ultron's sheer obsession with his "father" and claiming everything Hank has, from trying to kill Jan in the process of creating Jocasta, to annihilating an entire country for attention, to bodily fusing with Hank and claiming control of their minds.
  • That... thing in the Soul Stone realm. It forces Hank to hallucinate that he's been rescued by his friends so that he won't fight while it eats him.