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  • Fridge Brilliance: There have been those who have criticized Pym's ability to create Ultron, claiming that A.I. was not among his originally stated fields. But it turns out the pieces to Ultron's creation was there all along. How did Pym create Ultron originally? By copying his brainwaves into a machine. What was one of the first things Pym made after his particles? A machine that converts his brainwaves into a signal that ants would understand. Seems like a start to me.

  • Fridge Horror: People regularly call his powers lame, but really, if Ant-Man wanted to, his powers would be down-right terrifying. Some writers seem to remember this, and have him, during his more sadistic moments, actually embrace how terrifying a swarm of insects would be, but most of the time it's not really taken seriously. For reference, think of all those horror films or scary moments in shows and films where swarms of bugs crawl all over you and you can't do anything to defend yourself, and then you have a pretty good idea of his potential, and that's just insect control; he could easily shrink inside your body and just destroy your internal organs if he wanted (for a reminder, he keeps his normal-sized strength even when small). A lot of the people who seriously write off his powers as being lame must really not have much imagination. Really, it's actually a very good thing that Ant-Man is not a supervillain.