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  • Creator Backlash: In his Facebook post discussing the band, Neige himself personally was more satisfied with Ruines Humaines than the debut, citing his favorite songs being "Bonheur amputé" and "Faiblesse des Sens".
  • Doing It for the Art: The band, especially Fursy were dedicated to making the debut album look like a masterpiece, and is actually the reason why the band got together despite Neige and Audrey's argument.
    • Case and point, Fursy later on began to sell a poster version of the album cover, with his and Negie's signatures on it.
  • Old Shame: Averted. While most people feel Neige and Fursy weren't happy with Amesoeurs due to the fact they rarely perform songs from it (the closest fans got to an "Amesoeurs reunion" was performances of "Gas in Veins", One can however argue that Neige can't perform Amesoeurs songs on Alcest shows due to it's radically different sound and image (Amesoeurs being depressing and melancholic while Alcest being optimistic and loving).
    • This is mainly due to the fact Audrey sang about 95% of the songs (mainly on the debut, she sang one song on the Ruines humaines). While one could say that Audrey Hadorn (secondary member of Fursy's band Les Discrets and arguably Fursy's girlfriend) could cover said songs if they were to perform live, but it seems that's out of the question. Especially odd considering Fursy has shown interest and hope in seeing the project revived.
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    • Neige later on confirmed on a Facebook post that he didn't regret Amesoeurs and is quite proud of the music he made for the band, but rather it came from a dark place and dark time, hence his reluctance to reunite the band, if it were even possible for him.
  • Troubled Production: Planning of the album was a mess and due to complications with Neige and Audrey, the band broke up. It wasn't until Doing It for the Art came in that they decided to make the self titled.
  • Short-Lived Big Impact: Amesoeurs lasted from 2004-2009 with one EP, a split with one song, and finally the debut, and yet they left a huge profounding impact within the black metal community.
  • What Could Have Been: Neige originally wrote the song "Faiblesse Des Sens" as a Mortifera song, but they said it was "gay". He used the song for Amesoeurs's EP Ruines Humaines instead.
    • Neige was also suppose to sing the song but instead let Audrey take a hold of it.
    • Thankfully averted with the debut. Production was planned but then Neige and Audrey had their spat and the band was ceased. It wasn't until thankfully enough they decided to make the debut their last and make it "special" as a result of what we got.
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    • Despite this, let's be honest: Whatever was planned for this band, And then some.
  • Word of God: Neige himself confirmed on a Facebook post that the song "Video Girl" was actually based off the manga Video Girl AI.

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