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  • Creative Differences: Why AFI left Nitro Records and went onto a "mainstream" label. Davey Havok and Dexter Holland of The Offspring had a falling out over production and rights details, and Nitro ended up putting out an unauthorized compilation of the bands' early records.
  • Follow the Leader: Their groundbreaking, innovative blend of punk rock and emotive hardcore has led to a legion of imitators— some, like My Chemical Romance and Alkaline Trio, went on to develop their own individual voice and sound, while others, like Aiden, didn't.
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  • The Pete Best: Their original bassist Vic Chalker, who did not play on any known release. To a lesser extent, his replacement Geoff Kresge as well as their original guitarist Mark Stopholese could also qualify.
  • What Could Have Been: Demos of Sing the Sorrow seem to piece together a far different sounding album than the final product. "The Celluloid Dream" has a far more punk-like vocal with more shouting and heavier drums, and Hunter Burgan singing part of the refrain. "Paper Airplanes(Makeshift Wings)" has a slower, more subdued tempo and a different chorus layout, and Vocal Tag Team between Davey and Jade. If the final product was like this, The Art of Drowning would have a sequel, for all intents and purposes.
    • Davey Havok was invited to be the new The Misfits vocalist. However he turned the proposal down, since AFI was his band by that point.
    • He has also said that there are practically two albums' worth of songs recorded for Sing the Sorrow, but never released. Several are floating around the net, some were included as bonus tracks for later albums, and a few of the stronger cuts were reworked and rewritten for Crash Love.


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