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Tearjerker / Uprooted

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  • Agnieszka spent her childhood and teenage years hating the Dragon because he would take her best friend Kasia away and would release her ten years later, but so changed she wouldn't want to stay in Dvernik. Ultimately, it's All for Nothing, as she is the one picked by him — and she doesn't waste time mourning the fact she's going to be a prisoner for a decade of her life.
  • Right after learning she's a witch, Agnieszka begs the Dragon to make her normal. He can't.
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  • Prince Marek is a Prince Charmless from the highest grade, for sure. He also can't move on from his mother's disappearance, still desperately insisting she can be rescued from the Wood after twenty years.
  • Luthe's Summoning shows the cold, ugly truth within someone. When Agnieszka casts it in order to purge Kasia, she can see how much her friend resented her for being shamelessly loved and intended to live safely, then for stealing the fate Kasia was preparing for.
    • How lost Kasia felt after not being picked as the dragonborn girl. Looks like she wasn't special after all, but she had no idea about how to be normal.
  • Sarkan's utter horror after learning the whole valley genuinely believes he forces the girls he takes away to sexually please him. He never intended to traumatize anyone, but he's just so bad when he needs to communicate it wound up disastrously.
  • Alosha has sixty-seven great-great-grandchildren, and she's close from none of them. Even worse, she muses it naturally happens to every magician — since Wizards Live Longer is in full effect, they have to learn how to let go.
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  • Prince Sigmund dying when Rosya ambushes him, after we got to see he was a Reasonable Authority Figure and a good parent to his kids. Even his Jerkass brother Marek mourns his demise, confessing he wanted the throne but not at this price.
  • Sarkan mentions he was a three-years-old Street Urchin from Varsha when he was scouted as a wizard. He doesn't remember his parents.
  • The Wood Queen. She wanted to rescue her people from extinction by marrying a human king, only for the king's successor to entomb her alive with his corpse. She frees herself only to find her people became trees and she's about to join them when she finds two woodcutters busy felling a hearttree. Everything coming afterwards is history, and a completely tragic one.
  • The last chapter has a old man refusing to be saved from the tree he's entombed within because he just misses his late wife too much.

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