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YMMV / Uprooted

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  • The Woobie: The Royal children go through a ridiculous amount of trauma during the course of the book and only make it out alive by the skin of their teeth.
    • Agnieszka herself in the first several chapters is simply lost in the world. After living for so long thinking her best friend would be taken by the Dragon, she gets taken instead. She learns she has magic, but keeps doing it badly and embarrassing herself in front the Dragon. The Dragon himself is nothing but condescending and belittling, and it's weeks before he even tells her that learning magic is what she's supposed to be doing; his previous "lessons" had amounted to "say this word", without instruction as to what it was supposed to do. By the time she saves Dvernik from an incursion by the Wood, though, she's able to stand on her feet and be more proactive.

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