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Tearjerker / Unwind

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  • Connor's recounting of a storked baby that nobody wanted that eventually died of exposure. Everybody at the funeral cried, even those who didn't find it on their doorstep.
  • Connor writing the letter to his parents, to be delivered when he turns 18. He starts it with I hate you, but he ends it with I love you.
  • CyFi pitifully holding the items he stole under the subconscious influence of Tyler's right Temporal Lobe.
    • Cy Ty begging Tyler's parents not to unwind him, and breaking down into tears when they promise.
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  • Chapter 61. Roland's unwinding. People either cry buckets, or are left numb and sick.
  • Hayden's memories of his parents' divorce and decision to unwind him in UnWholly.
    "If that’s the way you want it!"
    "If that’s the way YOU want it!"
    "Don’t put this on me!"
    They signed the unwind order just to spite each other, but laugh, laugh, laugh, Hayden, because if you ever stop laughing, it might just tear you apart worse than a Chop Shop.
  • Connor having to kill Starkey. Connor finally giving in is painful enough, but then he tries to strangle Starkey and fails several times. Eventually he realizes that (because Roland wasn't a killer) he can't do it with Roland's arm...but he can do it with his own.
  • Roland's mother getting the letter he wrote at Sonia's antique shop and imagining that he'll come home some day.

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