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Tear Jerker / The God Squad

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  • While funny for the audience Tydal's utter devastation over Wiggles death. It doesn't matter that Wiggles is really King Sombra and not Tydal's puppy... every time he is reminded of him he screams in pain.
  • Celestia's speech to Mood Whiplash concerning the pain she's gone through when Luna and Tydal were gone.
  • Many readers thought Tydal vs. Tirek would be an epic battle showcasing the OC and the Magic Thief. Instead it became a dramatic gut punch as Tydal reveals he can't win but will fight to the death to buy Twilight and her friends some time. "He Held the Line" indeed.
    “When you are an old mare, with grandfoals of your own, and they ask you who taught you your spells… tell them ‘he who held the line’. And… let that be enough. (Pause) Let this be enough."
  • The death of Tydal. He gives it his all but Tirek is too strong. Finally Tydal manages to steal Tirek's own magic-theft power and use it for one final suicide blast. Tirek manages to launch him into space but Tydal dies seeing that the Mane 6 are defeating Tirek and his death isn't in vain. Made all the worse by the fact that as the spell goes off his family across the planet feel it and know he's gone.
    • As he prepares his final assault on Tirek Tydal thinks of his family and then of all the children in Equestria. Time freezes for him and he counts every one and feels the full weight of his actions, knowing that if he doesn't keep going Tirek will kill them all. Merges with a Moment of Awesome when he pulls off the Dark Maelstrom- Celestial Lightning attack with the magic taking the forms of Celestia and Luna.
      • Fausticorn has been portrayed as a pretty bad mother who happily dumps her kids on her older children and doesn't care what they do. When she feels Tydal die she breaks down sobbing for her "baby boy"
      • Tydal's final moments before his "death". He begins to cry not because he is going to die but because he sees Twilight and her friends rushing to defeat Tirek and he knows that his death isn't meaningless; he bought them the time they needed and Equestria will be saved. Then, as he shuts his eyes, he repeats the last words he spoke when he fought Discord the first time. What follows is his eldest siblings and his subjects feeling his passing while Always The Doctor plays and the final lines of A Tale Of Two Cities are spoken.
      • The first sign that the chapter is not going to end well? The crew of the Whiplash discovering that the "raindrops" falling on their boat are salty and the Captain realizing that it isn't raining... the sea itself is crying.
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  • Celestia's four word answer when asked after the Tirek battle if she is okay: "My daddy is dead"
  • Tydal's condition in Old Equestria. His magic can't ever refuel because he keeps pushing himself to protect the innocent. He is starving to death. There are scars all over his body from Tirek and he is missing parts of his fins. And he's been all alone for over a year, being a silent protect of the pony race even as he slowly dies.

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