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Tearjerker / Conversations with a Cryptid

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Used with Permission by silver777tongue

Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

Conversation With a Cryptid

  • Izuku's meltdown over Tsubasa's fate. He unwittingly lived through a childhood friend being tortured beyond recognition and killed in front of him and is so horrified that he didn't realize it after the fact. Izuku can only report what happened to Tsubasa and can't even bring who done it to justice.
  • Izuku still hears Bakugou's voice mocking him for being quirkless and useless. Despite the growth he had and his implicit forgiveness of Bakugou, Izuku is still very traumatized by Bakugou's horrific bullying and the systematic discrimination he faced as a child.
  • All for One points out that Izuku has no optimism because he probably had very little to be hopeful or joyful for, Izuku admits that he's right which is rather depressing.
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  • Despite all the evidence of Endeavor's wrongdoing, no reporter was able to expose him.
  • Shu kept his hand in handling the Midoriya finances on Hisashi Midoriya's command a secret because he has a legitimate reason to fear that he wouldn't find employment if Hisashi fired him and is very remorseful for it.
  • All for One's first reaction when he rescues Izuku from being tortured to death is to hold him and refuse to let him go.
  • In hindsight, All for One had to hear his son dismiss him and rightly state that his influence has only been negative. Despite his monstrous nature, All for One loves his son.


Kidnapping of a Cryptid

  • Hisashi reveals to Izuku why his nightmare caused him to cry: He saw his son's suicide.
    Hisashi: "You fell."
  • Mirio's heartbreak when he finds out the late Sir Nighteye's cruel harassment of Izuku. He even says that it feels like Sir Nighteye died all over again.
  • The Reveal that One for All could be a parasitic Quirk that saps the current holder's will to live, and that Shimura Nana, along with almost every other holder (the exceptions being All Might, who chose to live for Izuku's sake, and Izuku himself) were all Driven to Suicide.
  • Izuku was tested for fire-breathing and minor telekinesis. But his father's quirk is All For One, the one quirk he would never have wanted. When it's revealed he indeed possesses his father's quirk, he completely breaks down.


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