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YMMV / Conversations with a Cryptid

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  • Broken Base: The inclusion and handling of Mineta in Kidnapping a Cryptid. Some are very angry because they see Mineta's canon sexual harassment of female classmates revolting and dislike how his treatment is excused and ignored in the canon material. They dislike that Mineta was given the spotlight in the fanfic and see the author's handling of him as excusing his behavior. Other readers enjoy the author's nuanced portrayal of Mineta as his sexual harassment of female classmates is taken seriously with pointing out the causes of his unhealthy behavior and criticism of the lax teachers who let him get away with it. Unlike other authors, the writer chooses to give Mineta a chance of redemption instead of writing him out. A third faction dislike Mineta and continue to do so but applaud the writer's handling of him.
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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Some readers give All for One a pair of these, wanting him to reconcile with his family and become a better husband and father to Inko and Izuku. Ignoring all the atrocities All for One committed within canon and in the story.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • When Hisashi's awkward nature is revealed, he is called Human Disaster!Hisashi.
    • After chapter 13, the commentators took to calling All for One Dad for One.
  • Fandom-Specific Plot: The story popularized the trope of All for One being Izuku's father among fanfic.
  • I Knew It!: Many readers saw the reveal of All for One being Hisashi Midoriya coming.
  • Jerkass Woobie: All for One is the worst supervillain in history who's tortured people, murdered children, and conducted human experiments among other crimes. He also genuinely loves his wife and son, hates that he couldn't be there for them, and is despondent that Izuku wants nothing to do with him.
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  • Love to Hate: All for One. Despite the fact that he is a monster of human being, his charisma and cunning make him almost admirable. All for One's genuine love for his family and his remorse for not being there for Inko and Izuku make him very sympathetic.
  • Paranoia Fuel: All for One has been watching the Midoriyas the entire time he was gone due to having their apartment and neighborhood bugged. Izuku finds out how closely he's been watched when All for One scolds him for not opening up to his mother about his various problems. Something All for One should have no idea about since he only broke out a month ago.
    • To make matters worse, someone else had to be watching them since someone has been keeping track of the Midoriyas' financial needs without asking them and All for One admitted that he couldn't watch them while he was in prison.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Never quit the job you love for a man. Inko had a promising and lucrative job as corporate secretary which she gave up to marry Hisashi. When Hisashi ends up leaving her and Izuku, Inko had nothing to distract herself with from the horrible downturns her life took and no way of supporting herself and Izuku without Hisashi's money. Something which deeply scarred both her and her son. It's when she gets a job in which she could support herself and Izuku that she starts to regain some confidence and is able to take a more proactive role.
    • Take care of your goddamn health. Izuku begins to not take care of himself due to the stress of training to be a pro hero, maintaining his grades and investigating All for One. There's continuing discussion between All for One and Izuku about Izuku's neglect of his health. All for One attempts to warn Izuku but Izuku doesn't listen. As a result, Izuku gets captured by a villain due to his sleep-deprived inattentiveness and has to be pulled out from school to get proper treatment for his physical ailments. All for One even goes in graphic detail what would happen to Izuku's body had Izuku not allowed himself to get treatment. All for which could have been avoided had Izuku took care of himself better.
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    • While working within the system can be tedious and might not always achieve results, it will actually cause things to change more easily than attacking the system from the outside. When Shiragaki attempts to go on his anti-society spiels, Izuku shuts him down by asking if Shiragaki ever voted or tried participating in civil government. Izuku points out how Shiragaki and All for One's methods of terrorism has ultimately achieved little despite 200 years of trying. Despite the League of Villains' attacks on Yuuei, Inko Midoriya's lawsuit over Yuuei's criminal neglect and medical malpractice is what brings the titan to its knees. While the newspaper the Heroes' Mirror was ineffective in their attempts to expose Endeavor's crimes and abuses, it was through them that Izuku unintentionally brings down the government and the pro-hero system. Through his completely legal article detailing on the government's 2 centuries of abuse of power revealing that the quirk laws and the pro-hero system are technically illegal, unconstitutional and were not ratified through proper legislative process. In six months Izuku achieved what All for One was attempting for 200 years.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Commentators who haven't forgotten Bakugou's vicious cruelty to Izuku enjoy All for One's hatred of Bakugou and offers to kill/turn him into a Noumu.
    • That same minority cheered when Bakugou gets his quirk stolen by All for One.

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