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Tearjerker / Concerning a Drifter

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  • If some aspects of the fic aren't Nightmare Fuel, they are this, especially since what happened to Ryuuko had so much of a destructive affect on her psyche that she can barely recall happier memories of before. This is more prominent in chapter 12, where Satsuki tells her about the time Ryuuko had given her a necklace for her birthday and about how happy she was to receive it, a memory that Ryuuko had difficulty recalling in the chapter before.
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  • The conversation they had before in chapter 11. The fact that it's set to "Sold Your Soul" doesn't help this.
  • Chapter Sixteen where Satsuki reads what Ryuuko recounted of her experiences in a notebook, more specifically where the latter wrote about how she was allowed a friend in the form of a little girl (she describes her as "looking no more than ten or twelve") and that they took her away and the passages where she talked about her baby. To make either of those worse, she never got closure as to what happened to either of them.
  • Chapter 17 is arguably worse, as Ryuuko attempts suicide and, despite wanting to help her, Satsuki has no choice but to allow her to be transferred to psychiatric ward.
  • Satsuki and Ryuuko's Touching Through Glass moment after having not seen each other since the latter's suicide attempt.
    Mako:"She really missed you and, even though she doesn't talk, I'm pretty sure she's wondering if you'd be okay. Seeing you again, after a while, made her day."
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  • Chapters 22 and 24 with the Touching Through Glass moments. The former chapter has Ryuuko seeing her babies, finally getting closure, along with acknowledging the older child as hers and the latter has Satsuki returning a scarf to Ryuuko, said scarf provoking a memory to the latter, with her saying, "Sis...", along with wanting to break down the glass. For bonus points on the note of the scarf, Satsuki made it for her as a present and that Ryuuko was almost never without it.
  • This bit of narration from Ch. 24:
    Satsuki: I recalled that I once had a silver bracelet that looked very much like hers, only with faux jewels, and, once, the last time I had worn it, she wore her bracelet, too, making us a matching set, a set that would be incomplete without the other. Holding that bracelet in my hand made me realize how incomplete I was.
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  • Chapter 29 has Yayoi calling Satsuki "Mama".
    Satsuki: I felt my heart weeping at that, considering that was the first thing she's ever verbalized and her biological mother had never got to hear her.
  • Chapter 30. That is all.

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