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Wild Mass Guessing for Conversations with a Cryptid

Izuku does have a quirk but its a very subtle one.

Hisashi proves that one could have the extra toe joint and still have a Quirk. Considering All for One's brother /Izuku's biological uncle was believed to be Quirkless but had an extremely subtle Quirk.

  • In a way, confirmed. Izuku was born with All For One.

All Might and/or Lemillion will be healed
As Izuku and All for One proved, Eri can restore people to their former states so they're good as they were before. Eri has all the reason to heal All Might considering how important he is to Izuku. Likewise, seeing how Mirio gave it his all to save her she'd probably want to help him out as well.
  • Confirmed. For both of them (Mirio thanks to All For One, All Might thanks to Eri).

Inko is related to Nana Shimura
All for One took an interest in Inko to begin with and her looks can't be the only reason. From what little we know about Inko is that she grew up in foster care and we don't know if Nana only had one child.
  • Confirmed.

Zach was a criminal himself
I mean, Zach's quirk is a Perception Filter which allows All for One to get away with his crimes and he runs the criminal forum board, the Conspiracy. He has had a much longer history, most likely cyber crimes considering his focus on the internet.

Izuku is going to get arrested
When the government finds out that he published the expose, they will have Izuku arrested on censorship charges.

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