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Tear Jerker / Bird Boy: The Forgotten Children

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  • Zachariah's life: Since he's one of the only people on the island who still has a working boat, he can leave the island and go to a better place whenever he wants, but he's short on money and doesn't want to abandon his ill mother.
  • The death of Zachariah's mother.
  • The battle between two rats and their respective sons ends up with one's son and one's father killed. The two survivors, each from different families, stop after seeing the deaths of their dad/son and after a moment they just silently walk away together, making a new dad-son pair.
  • The ending:
    • Just as everything is going right for the kids, an unexpected gunshot from the police hits Birdboy in the heart, killing him instantly and sending him plummeting into the ocean.
    • The reaction of the policeman who shot him. He clearly feels bad, while his Inspector Javert superior is glad and gloating about it.
    • A wave destroying the kids' raft and killing the rubber duck.
    • Dinky's final fate: She is still shocked over the death of Birdboy, the boy who she loved, and is taken back to the island, leaving her stuck with parents who love their dog more than they love her and don't realize that she almost died twice in one day.