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Tearjerker / Bird Boy: The Forgotten Children

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  • Zacharias's life: In retrospective, he technically could leave the island and go to a better place, but he's short of resources and doesn't want to abandon his ill mother.
  • The death of Zacharias's mother.
  • The battle between two rats and their respective little brothers ends up with their brothers killed. The two survivors, each from different families, stop after seeing the deaths of their respective brothers and after a moment they just silently walk away together
  • The ending
    • Just as everything is going right for the kids, an unexpected shot from the police hits Birdboy hard in the heart which kills him and his corpse plummets down from the sky into the depths of the ocean.
    • The reaction of the policeman who shot him, feeling a bit guilty about killing him, while his superior is glad and gloating about Birdboy's death
    • A wave destroying the three kids float and therefore, killing the living rubber duck.
    • The final monologue of Dinky: She is still shocked over the death of Birdboy, the boy who she loved, she was returned to her abusive home and is ultimately hopeless of any chance of trying to leave the island again.

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