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Nightmare Fuel / Bird Boy: The Forgotten Children

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  • To begin with, the movie starts with a nuclear disaster, resulting in hundreds of deaths (Dinky's father being one of them) and the decline of the island.
  • Dinky's family
  • The hellish life in the scrapyard, to mention a few things that happen there:
    • Their only way of survival they know is to risk their lives every day in the search of cobber, often fighting to the death with other unfortunate ones who are searching for it too.
    • Visitors or just passersby can be robbed and are lately being judged and sentenced to torture or death, as the kids learn the hard way.
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    • Hell, even the police, who are able to defend themselves with their weapons are scared of going into that area, knowing how hellish that area is.
  • The trippy hallucination Birdboy has after taking some drugs of having a tree come out of his chest and two dark birds eating his corpse.
  • The One-Winged Angel form of Birdboy, sure it saved the kids from being executed, but the carnage that he inflicts on the forgotten children is brutal.
  • Sandra's inner voices telling her to toss little Fox off a cliff or refrain from saving Dinky when she is drowning.

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