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Tear Jerker / We Were Soldiers

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  • The taxi driver, delivering Death Notification letters to widows, stops at Colonel Moore's house to ask his wife for directions to another house. She initially thinks her husband has died, and is not pleased to find out why she just got the scare of her life.
    Julie Moore: You JACKASS! Do you know what this is?! Do you know what you just did to me?!
    Taxi Driver: (sheepishly) I-I don't like this job, Ma'am. I'm just trying to do it. (continues toward cab)
    • Several subtle hints suggest that the taxi driver is an Army veteran, making the job even more of a gut punch for him. He knows all too well what’s in those envelopes.
    • Also, just before when Julie goes over to her neighbor's house to discover she had a cab driver come to her door who was NOT just asking for directions.
    • As well as the montage of Julie and Barbara delivering the other letters to the wives, the last one who receives the news with her two young children.
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  • When Moore sifts through the diary of one of the slain NVA soldiers and finds a picture of the soldier's girlfriend inside.
  • Jimmy Nakayama's excruciating burns by napalm and his plea to Joe to tell his family that he loved them.
    • Even worse that Jimmy himself died two days later at an army hospital in real life at the same week when his first child was born.
  • The sorrowful music played while Joe carries Jimmy to the helicopter and while he's taking pictures of the carnage.
  • Moore discovering the body of Jack Geoghegan, still wearing the bracelet bearing the name of his newborn daughter.
  • When the reporters arrive as the 7th Cavalry is mopping up LZ X-Ray, they immediately mob Colonel Moore and barrage him with questions, many of which are pretty stupid, to say the least. One even asks, “How do you feel about the deaths of your men?” Moore—who has been privately agonizing over every man he’s lost, despite having no illusions about what happens in war—can’t even process the sheer disgusting insensitivity of her question, and gives her a blank stare for a moment before walking away.
    • More than a few viewers wished that particular reporter had been shot, or at least punched in the face.
  • At the end of the movie, surrounded by death and carnage, Moore and Galloway share a private moment.
    Galloway: Sir, I don't know how to report this. I don't...I don't...
    Moore:'ve got to, Joe.

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