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Tear Jerker / Walk Two Lifetimes

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Walk Two Lifetimes

  • Hisana and Rukias death in the first chapter, especially with
    With a choked yell, I'm knocked loose and I only just manage to hold onto Rukia. The last thing I hear before I go under is my mom's voice, "Protect her, Hisana."
    I'm sorry, I think, I failed you, and then the world goes black.
  • Hisana considering abandoning Rukia in their first year of Rukogai life as Hisana thought herself having nothing to offer her sister, and that Rukia might be better of without her. When she reconsiders, it becomes a mix of this and Heartwarming Moments.
    I'd already broken my promise to my mom once; could I really do so again?
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  • Tatsuya dying while Hisana tried to save him, too hurt for Hisana to do anything to help him, and how Hisana has to be dragged away from his body.
    "No," I whispered, "NO!" Slamming my hands onto his chest, I sent burst after burst of reiatsu into his heart, trying to do something, anything, to restart it into beating again. When his heart remained stubbornly still, I began pounding my fists on his body. "You idiot!" I shrieked. "You…how dare you give up like that? You promised me that you'd take care of Rukia! You said that we'd be a family! Wake up! You…you can't die." I began pouring spirit energy into Tatsuya's body, hoping, praying that a miracle would occur, that my reiatsu would respond to my wishes and erase his injuries, that Tatsuya would sit up and grin and berate me for ever doubting him.
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  • Despite everything he has done at that point, Akiyamas death by Hisanas hands in chapter 14.
    “So you do like me, darling.” He smiled weakly, reaching up with one hand to brush my hair out of my face. “I’m a lucky man, to have such a beautiful girl crying over me.” Blood was beginning to trickle down from the corners of his mouth now, and I caught his hand before it could fall down.
    “Charming until t-the end, aren’t y-you?” I laughed brokenly. A drop of saltwater escaped my eye and I hastily rubbed it away. “I never wanted to kill you, you know. I hate you so, so much, but I never wanted to be the one to kill you.”
    “That’s what makes us different. I was…wrong. You’re nothing like me.” Akiyama’s breathing grew more labored and he squeezed my hand almost desperately. His eyes—still a striking gold even when clouded with pain and exhaustion—stared intently at my face, taking in my features hungrily. “The Angel of Inuzuri…it’s a fitting title,” he breathed out, before his eyelids drifted shut.
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  • Kazuki feeling so afraid of losing Hisana and Rukia to Seireitei that he lashes out verbally and pushes them away.
  • Hisana, completely unaware, casting such a long shadow that Mitsuo worries that Rukia will come to love and resent her at the same time.
  • Rukia feeling stifled under Hisanas shadow and overprotective caretaking of her, until she bursts to the point of ranting to Renji about it and Hisana overhears.
    • Especially when Hisana then falls into a coma after rushing to Rukias rescue after Rukia accidentally having smuggled out and activated a Hollow bait and almost dying as a Hollow impales her.
  • Tenshi no Tsubasa sacrificing her life to pour all her power into Hisana for her to live.
    Tenshi: There is no other way. I don't mind, Hisana.
    Hisana: But I do! I-I need you Tenshi, so please don't leave me, I c-can't—please don't give up on me Tenshi, I don't want to be alone— No! No, please, stay with me—
    Tenshi: You're going to be fine. You survived without me once, little firebird. You will again.
  • The grief of Hisanas family. Kazuki lashes out in anger, Miwa crying silently, Mitsuo going utterly cold even when being reasonable, even Kaori refusing to show herself crying in front of outsiders.
    Byakuya: I’ll deliver her ashes here, as requested. You’re right. She—she should be with family. And besides, she was safer here with you than she ever was with me.
    Mitsuo: Thank you.“I mean that. I know how much you loved her. I know it’s not much but if you’re ever in Inuzuri…if you ever want to visit her, you’ll always have a place in our home.
    Byakuya: I don’t think your brother would welcome me.
    Mitsuo: He’ll get over it. It’s what Hisana would have wanted, and he never could win an argument against her.
  • Kaien and Roses grief, with Kaien, not sure if he did kill Hisana or not and doubting himself, not eating or drinking, and Rose holing himself up in his room and not speaking to anyone in days.
  • Rangiku and Byakuya talking about whether or not they regret loving Hisana and both coming to the conclusion that neither of them do.


  • Renjis memories from life being that they were poor and he was always hungry.

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