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“A big sister should always protect her younger siblings, don’t you agree? Going after my family…that was your first mistake. Your second mistake was underestimating me.”
Hisana, Chapter 12

Akiyama: Don’t even pretend that if a shinigami raped and killed your sister, you wouldn’t throw all of your so-called morals out of the window. You’d do whatever it took to gain the power to obliterate him. Or at the very least, prevent something like that from happening to someone you cared about again.
Hisana: It still doesn’t excuse your actions.
Akiyama: No. But you’d do the same thing, wouldn’t you?
Chapter 14

“You’re not perfect. You’re not a god, and frankly, it’s rather arrogant of you to think that you could prevent every bad thing in the world from happening. You were thrust into a situation that you had no control over; it happens to all of us. Bad things happen and you can’t always stop them—that’s life. The only thing you can do is learn more, grow stronger, so that the next time something like this happens, you’re able to stop it.”
Byakuya, Chapter 16

Gin: Ya put on a good show, I haveta admit, but you’re not quite the open book ya portray yourself as. What are ya hidin’ behind that innocent smile of yours, Yukimura?
Hisana: We all have our secrets, Ichimaru-san. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t feel up to sharing mine with you. There’s this thing called privacy, Ichimaru-san. I suggest you learn what it means.
Chapter 18

Hisana: You may want to get that checked out, then. Having hearing problems could be detrimental on the battlefield, I’d suggest a visit to the Fourth. Well?
Kimura: Is that not his job as a Fourth Division shinigami?
Hisana: Funny—I don’t recall a slavery clause being listed anywhere in the job description. Must have missed that part.
Kimura: I can’t tell whether you’re stupid or suicidal, girl. I’m telling him to clean the mess up because that’s all that he’s good for, aside from slapping some bandages onto papercuts. And unless he wants to get hurt, he’ll do what I tell him to. Do you understand now?
Hisana: I must be stupid then, because I don’t. I really, really don’t. For some unfathomable reason, you seem to think that our job is easy, that we’re replaceable—worthless—and that you can treat us like shit because of it. But someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe a century in the future, you’re going to get hurt. You’re going to get hurt really badly, and you’re going to feel yourself bleeding out, and as you suffer in agony trying to keep your innards from falling out, the only thing keeping you from certain death will be a Fourth Division member…and chances are, it’ll be someone you spat on in the past. And unless they’re a freaking saint, they’ll remember every single time you made them feel like something less than human, and when you need them the most… well… Please, help me understand, because I’m just not getting it. What could you possibly gain from disrespecting those charged with keeping you alive?
Iemura: I’m so sorry, sir. Forgive her, Fifth Seat Kibune, Ninth Seat Shinta, she’s new. Yukimura, apologize. I said, apologize.
Shinta: Might wanna listen to your senpai there, girl. I’m feeling generous today. Say sorry, get down on your knees and start scrubbing, and maybe I won’t cut that tongue of yours out.
Hisana: I’m sorry that your mother never taught you how to clean up your own messes, Shinta-san. It must be so difficult being a grown man that has to rely on others to clean up after them. And I’m so sorry for the both of you that the education system failed you so badly that you can’t tell the difference between being a warrior and being a bully. You have my deepest pity.
Chapter 19

Iemura: You idiotic girl! You—you! Have you no sense of self-preservation? You’ll bring the anger of the entire Third Division down on our heads! You immature brat! Do you have nothing better to do than look for trouble? This whole thing could have been avoided!
Hisana: Avoided, Iemura-senpai? How? By bending your neck like always, letting them walk over you? How is that supposed to help? I know that the Fourth Division isn’t a combat squad, but fuck if I’m going to let people treat me like dirt because of that. And don’t give me that crap about ‘doing our duty’ or ‘maintaining a respectful professionalism’, because there is a difference between being doing your job and letting someone degrade you, and this entire squad does the latter, and it’s pathetic! I get that the world isn’t fair, I’m not stupid. It’s impossible to get everyone’s respect and there are always going to be people who are bastards to you no matter what you do, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not wrong, or that you should just accept it! But that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it? Every time you bow your head, or go along with the flow because it’s the ‘easy way out’ and let them get away with it, you’re telling them that they’re right. That it’s okay for them to treat you this way. Maybe you have your own way of doing things, but me? I refuse to give anyone permission to disrespect me.
Chapter 19

Hisana: See, this is why I try to avoid you at all costs. Normal people don’t find psychologically torturing innocents an acceptable pastime.
Gin: Normal people are boring, Hisana-chan.
Hisana: You don’t find me boring. And I’m normal.
Gin: (laughs) Oh, my dear girl, let me assure ya, since your self-awareness is so sadly lacking: you are very far from normal. I told ya the first day we met, didn’t I? Ya put on a good show, but ya ain’t as innocent as ya try to act. Don’t deny it. Part of you likes seein’ people scared of ya.
Hisana: I like it when people take me seriously enough that they don’t mess with me. There’s a difference.
Gin: Oh? From what I’ve been hearin’, ya almost crippled a Third Division member. Seems a bit excessive, dontcha think? Half the division’s terrified of ya now.
Hisana: He tried to hit me. Was I just supposed to stand back and let him do that?
Gin: That. Right there. Ya don’t back down easily, do ya Hisana-chan? It doesn’t matter if it’s a captain, a lieutenant, or some random guy from another division; if ya see omething’ ya disagree with, you won’t just stand by. You’ll do omething’ about it and damn the consequences. I wonder, what would ya do if someone threatened someone you loved?
Hisana: I’d make them regret it.
Gin: You really mean that. I suppose we have that much in common, at least. You’d do everything in your power to completely destroy them, wouldn’t ya? You’d burn the whole world down in order to keep those you truly care about safe. Hisana-chan, you are anything but normal.
Chapter 19

Gin: Have ya ever seen her in battle, Kuchiki? No? Such a shame. I assure ya, it’s the prettiest sight. All bright eyes and flushed cheeks, reddened lips, channelin’ all that energy into her every move, body twisting through the air…what man could resist? Why, I might have ta speak with Unohana-taicho about requestin’ her for a few more missions myself, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one…a view like that…
Byakuya: I will not repeat myself. Step away from her.
Gin: And why should I listen ta you? Ain’t like she’s yours, after all.
Gin teasing Byakuya about Hisana, Chapter 21

Hisana: I want to become the wise grandma-like figure who everyone knows, and is kind of terrifying in a kickass grumpy way, who delivers long-winded lectures, and bakes cookies for people and shares stories about the ‘good old days’ and yells at kids to get off her lawn and hits annoying Eleventh Division members with her broom. Or frying pan, I’m not picky.
Byakuya: You want to become the stereotypical cranky old person. Of all the things…
Hisana: I want the opportunity to grow old.
Hisana and Byakuya discussing Hisanas ambitions, Chapter 22

“I can’t do anything about the past, but I can’t—I won’t let Squad Four continue to be the ‘safety squad’. The one known for taking in all the rejects who couldn’t get in anywhere else. I won’t let some kid give up his dream of being a healer just because they’re afraid of joining the Fourth and being labeled a failure. I don’t care if I have to revamp the entire Squad Four application system by myself but there’s going to come a day where someone mentions applying to become a healer and people will view it as the accomplishment it is.”
Hisana, Chapter 23

Hayashi: Sorry for interrupting your, ah, fascinating presentation, but I just wanted to clarify something. You said that the total training process lasts anywhere from four to six years, correct? How rigorous would you say that is? I just want to know if I’d have time to visit home between scrubbing toilets and kissing asses, you see.
Hisana: I believe Iemura-san already said that the majority of an intern’s time would be spent learning basic healing kido and human anatomy, not—how did you put it?—oh yes, scrubbing toilets and kissing asses. My sincere apologies if that was something you were looking forward to but I’m afraid that’s not what the Fourth Division is about. Which you’d know, if you’d been paying attention.
Hayashi: That’s not what I—I just meant, it doesn’t add up, does it? Up to six years to learn how to make some glowy green light? Come on now, you can’t tell me that makes sense. I mean, it’s healing kido— anyone can do it.
Hisana: Hey Iemura-senpai, is it okay if we swap places for a bit? I’d like to take this question, if you don’t mind.
Iemura: O-of course. Go ahead, Yukimura.
Hisana: You there, what’s your name?
Hayashi: Hayashi Tadahiko.
Hisana: Okay then, Hayashi Tadahiko, so you think that healing kido is something anyone can do, right? Well, you’d be right.
Hayashi: I—I am?
Hisana: Mmm. It’s true that anyone with reiatsu can learn healing kido—it’s just another skill, after all. But there’s a difference between knowing healing kido and being a healer, and not everyone has what it takes to be the latter. Let’s play a game, shall we? Just the two of us.
Hayashi: A game?
Hisana: Imagine that you chose the Fourth Division upon graduating from the Academy, maybe because the lure of scrubbing toilets was too irresistible to you, I don’t know. Humor me. Anyway, it’s your fifth year and you’ve just finished your probation period. You did it, you’re a full-fledged Fourth Division member, and…well, it kind of sucks, to be honest. You pissed off someone a couple ranks above you a few weeks back, and now you’re stuck doing the graveyard shift at the Coordinated Relief Station’s emergency unit for the next month. With me so far?
Hayashi: Uh, yeah. What’s the point of this—
Hisana: Just be patient. Anyway, it’s three a.m. and you’re bored out of your mind. Nothing’s happened for the past few nights, and you seriously doubt that anything’s going to happen now. Not only that, but your buddy who usually does the shift with you is on leave, your other buddy ditched and is probably out drinking right now, and worst of all, the cute nurse you’ve been flirting with on and off had to leave suddenly to take care of her sick mother. How do you feel?
Hayashi: Um…probably pretty annoyed. And it’s three a.m. right? So I’d also be really tired too.
Hisana: Right. So you’re exhausted, annoyed, and the whole thing’s just totally unfair. After all, if everyone else ditched, why do you have to stay there? And it’s not like there’s anything for you to do there. Truthfully, it’s just a waste of your time. The senior officer on shift seems to think the same thing, and he offers to let you go home early for the night. What do you do?
Hayashi: Well, I say yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I?
Hisana: I don’t blame you. It seems like the obvious choice, doesn’t it? The next morning, you walk into work and you hear from the pretty nurse you’ve been crushing on that last night, at around four a.m., a pregnant female was rushed into the emergency unit, badly beaten and with contusions on the abdomen and chest, multiple stab wounds, and a dented skull. The healers on duty do everything they can, but there’s too much to fix and they’re short on hands—neither the mother nor the baby survive.
Hayashi: But—but it wouldn’t be my fault. I-I mean, I had permission to leave.
Hisana: Of course it’s not your fault. And had you been there, it’s quite likely that nothing would have changed. Maybe the mother would have survived, maybe not; it’s impossible to know. That doesn’t change the fact that you left your shift when you knew the unit was understaffed. It was your job to be there and you weren’t. Now, next scenario. Consider this—you’ve been at the Fourth for a few more years and you’ve risen through the ranks quite a bit. A call comes in from a group of 9th Division shinigami stationed right outside the second district of West Rukongai—they need medical help, and they need it now. You were chosen to lead a team of healers to meet them; it’s your first time being trusted with anything so important. How do you feel?
Hayashi: Um, excited I guess.
Hisana: Of course you are. It’s an opportunity to show your commanding officers that you know what you’re doing; maybe you’ll even end up impressing your captain. Once you get there though, you automatically know that there’s something horribly wrong. A few shinigami are off to the side, suffering from moderate injuries, but they’ll live so long as they get medical treatment. You assign a few members of your team to treat them before turning to the real problem. There’s a boy, a few feet away from you. You recognize him as a newly graduated Academy student, fresh in the field. He’s screaming in pain even as his team member tries desperately, futilely, to shove his intestines back into the gaping hole in his abdomen. There’s a sea of glistening blood decorating the ground, and the boy is getting paler by the second. You immediately know that there’s nothing you can do—possibly the only one who can save him at this point is Unohana-taicho herself—but upon seeing you, the boy’s team member looks up and the hope in his eyes is unmistakable. He begs you on his hands and knees to save him, to perform a miracle, but at this point, any attempt on your part would just prolong the inevitable. Your fellow healers look towards you, waiting for your orders, but you can’t think, not when the boy’s whimpering fills your ears. You think back to what your superiors told you to do in this kind of situation—you have the skills, the authority to end that boy’s suffering, to ensure that his last moments are painless…what would you do in that situation, Hayashi-san?
Hayashi: I— I would…do what I was trained to do.
Hisana: Spoken like a true shinigami. Quite admirable of you, Hayashi-san. Not many would have the strength to end things. After all, when it comes down to it, it was your job to save that boy’s life and you made the choice to give up on it. Now, there’s just one more scenario I want you to imagine. You’ve been assigned to accompany a team on a two-week long mission as medical backup. Two members of the team are grievously injured and as the only healer on the team, you’re forced to make a choice. You’re too far from the Seireitei to call for backup, time is limited and there’s only so much reiatsu you have to spare. You have an equal chance of saving either of them. Who do you choose to let live?
Hayashi: The higher ranked officer, of course. That’s just protocol.
Hisana: A good, textbook answer. Now, let’s make this more interesting. One of the shinigami happens to be the team leader—he’s also your best chance of getting you and the rest of the team out of the mission alive. The other shinigami…do you have a best friend, Hayashi-san? Someone who understands you, makes you laugh, a person you can trust to always have your back? Well, logic tells you to choose your commanding officer, of course. Your other team members yell at you to stop being stupid and to do your job, but…that would mean going home and facing your best friend’s family, the people who have welcomed you into their home, only to tell them that you failed their son. That you decided his life wasn’t worth as much just because he was of a lower rank. On the other hand, if you decide to save your friend, not only are you putting the lives of everyone on the team at greater risk, if you do make it home alive you’ll be disgraced for failing to perform your duty. Certainly demoted. You’ll be classified as ‘emotionally unstable’ for the rest of your career. Now, Hayashi-san, let’s go back to the question I just asked you—who do you choose? Not so easy after all, huh? I’m not going to lie to you or feed you some bullshit about how Squad Four is better than the other divisions, that it’s more honorable, respectable, whatever. The truth of the matter is, healing’s not for everyone. And before any of you decide to commit yourselves to it, I believe all of you deserve to first get a glimpse of how hard it can be. I’m sure you’ve heard things about us; how we’re weaklings who don’t know how to fight, how we’re the ‘safety squad’, the reject division, how we’re soft… as if just because we accept a greater proportion of applicants, that makes what we do less difficult, less worthwhile. Hayashi-san was correct when he said that healing kido’s not particularly hard to learn, but there’s so much more to healing than that. It’s about personal sacrifice, about doing what needs to be done, and about making the choices no one should have to make. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that Squad Four is the division that decides who lives and who dies in the Seireitei. It’s a responsibility that can be crushing at times, that can drain you and leave you an empty husk if you’re not careful. At some point in your career as a healer, you’ll be forced to make a choice that will haunt you for months, if not years—you’ll stay up at night wondering if you made the right call and the thing is, you’ll never get an answer because the choices we need to make have no right answers. And you’re going to have to live with that.
Hisana takes charge at recruitment, Chapter 26

“I’m going to tell you right now that if you’re looking for a glamorous position that comes with bragging rights and lots of opportunities to show off, then don’t even bother applying here. I think I speak for every Fourth Division member when I say that we won’t hold it against you if you decide it’s not a path you want to take. It’s a thankless job more often than not, and we’re not like the other squads—we don’t have the prestige of the First, the acclaimed skill of the Second, or the respectability of the Sixth. We aren’t known for our battle skills like the Eleventh, or for our intelligence like the Twelfth. You certainly won’t learn any flashy techniques from us, like how to shoot multiple fireballs at once, or how to topple a building in one blow. But what you will learn is how to stop someone from bleeding out, how to shock a heart into beating again, how to bring someone back from the brink of death, and personally? I think there’s a kind of magic in that. In making things better, you know? In telling a panicked friend or relative that everything will be okay and being able to mean it. And seeing that relief in a person’s eyes when they see their loved one, alive and well, knowing that you’re the reason a family wasn’t ripped apart… Believe me when I say that there’s no better feeling in the world.”
Hisana, Chapter 26

“It’s not…I’m not… I’m not looking for punishment. Really, I’m not. But back when that garganta opened and those hollows started spilling out, I felt helpless, okay? I mean, I’ve fought against hollows before, but this was...this was different. This was real. I wasn’t safe and these opponents weren’t going to stop if I got hurt and I…I froze. I felt so stupid and slow and when Hisana came, I realized I was just…holding her down. And when those spikes came shooting towards me, I-I couldn’t even try dodging because by the time I registered them, it was already too late and— And the next thing I know, I’m waking up in the Fourth and Renji’s telling me that Hisana’s in a c-coma. That we h-had to leave her behind to d-die because she didn’t have enough reiatsu to save me and protect h-herself. My sister is in a coma because of me. Do you understand what that’s like? Hisana almost died because I wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t fast enough. That…that can’t happen again. Please, Shihouin-sama. Please, I need to get stronger but I don’t know how to do it on my own, and I’m begging you, please—”
Rukia convincing Yoruichi to have the Second Division take her in, Chapter 32

“If anyone ever touched you…I’d go through armies, civilizations, even gods to get at whoever hurt you. Does that frighten you, Byakuya? This is how I love. Can you handle that?”
Hisana explaining how she loves, Chapter 33

Hisana: I don’t take kindly to people that mess around with those I care about, Ichimaru-san.
Gin: I think what ya did ta those hollows more than proves that. Not a single one left remaining, or so I hear.
Hisana: They hurt my sister. They speared her through the chest, Ichimaru-san. You think I would have left any of them alive?
Gin: No. No, you wouldn’t have. Still, ya got lucky this time. Eventually, there’s going ta come an enemy ya can’t beat. And they’re going ta be stronger, faster, smarter than you. And if they come after your sister… Is she really worth destroying yourself for?
Hisana: You know, it’s funny. My zanpakuto spirit said something similar. She couldn’t understand why I would give up so much for…what? Vengeance? Justice? As far as she was concerned, nothing was worth the cost of my life. Which I understand; if I die, after all, then that means she failed. Still, to think—my own soul couldn’t understand just what Rukia means to me. You ask me if she’s worth it…I’ve never told anyone this before, but I’ve asked myself the same question more times than I care to admit. Back when we first arrived in Inuzuri, there were countless moments where I thought about giving her up. Wanted to give her up. The Rukongai…well, you know how it is. In a lot of ways, the people there aren’t much better than hollows. It was hard enough to survive on my own and Rukia…Rukia was a burden. She ate too much and she never seemed to stop crying and I always had to worry about protecting her, when I couldn’t even protect myself and I came so very close to leaving her. Oh, I justified it in my head. Told myself I had nothing to offer her, that she was better off without me, anything to ease the guilt I felt. I wrapped her up in a blanket, set her down in an alleyway, and…I couldn’t do it. I went back for her. It wasn’t out of duty or even concern for her wellbeing, although I like to think that was part of it. I went back for her because she was the only thing I had left and I couldn’t bear to give that up. Raising her was difficult…the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but at least it gave me a reason to get up every day, you know? And it’s a heady thing, to be needed when you feel at your most worthless. I mean, at this point, I’d already lost a great deal of my faith in humanity. I loathed every person who shut the door in my face, who tried to beat me over taking a few scraps of bread—bread they didn’t even need, the greedy bastards. And I hated myself, too, for turning away from people in need, for stealing from children and other people who were simply trying to survive. You have to understand, Rukia was the only light in my life. I was at the lowest I’d ever been, and she— She was so… pure, so happy, and I thought if I could just…if I could protect her, preserve even a bit of that innocence, then maybe there was a kind of redemption in that. Rukia gave me a purpose when I had nothing, she made the world seem a little brighter when I hated it. For that, Ichimaru-san, I owe her a debt greater than I can ever repay.
Gin: Why are you telling me this?
Hisana: You once told me that we were similar. Because we were both the type of people who’d burn the whole world down in order to keep those we truly care about safe. I guess I figured if anyone was capable of understanding, it’d be you. And besides, what have I told you that you haven’t already guessed? Or experienced, I suppose it’d be more accurate to say. Relax. I won’t ask you who your Rukia is. Believe me, I have no interest in learning any more about your personal life than I have to. All I wanted was for you to listen, so you’d understand just how far I’d go to keep my sister safe.
Gin: Ya aren’t worried that I’ll use her against ya?
Hisana: No. I believe there are lines that even you won’t cross, Ichimaru-san. And besides, you’re not that stupid.
Gin and Hisana has an heart-to-heart, Chapter 33

Aizen: What I mean, Yukimura-san, is that while you make a very good shinigami—a remarkably good one, in fact—you'll make a better tragedy. Poor little Yukimura Hisana, so good, so kind… who believed so strongly in the humanity of monsters, only to be slaughtered by the very people she sought to protect. Can you imagine the headlines when it comes out that Yukimura Hisana, next lady of the Kuchiki Clan, newest lieutenant of the Fourth, most promising Academy student in decades, was murdered in cold blood by the Visored, who she fought day and night to save? I haven't quite decided on the details yet. I considered framing my old captain, Hirako-san, as the main perpetrator, but I think I'll have to go with Shiba Kaien. There's something deliciously ironic about it all, don't you think?
Hisana: No… No, you can't…no one will believe…
Aizen: That you would use your newly-earned lieutenant status to visit the Visored in their cells the day before the trial? Or that you'd enter those cells in order to offer medical care and reassurance? Of course, such a decision would be considered foolhardy, reckless, even downright stupid… but when has Yukimura Hisana ever listened to reason when her friends needed her? You needn't worry about me making your death convincing, Yukimura-san. People will believe anything their senses tell them, I've found. I won't even need your actual body to stage the scene.
Hisana: It won't work.
Aizen: No? You underestimate your own worth, my dear. People will rally under your name, fight for you, die for you, turn on past allies, all to bring you justice. It's quite touching when you think about it. I really must thank you, Yukimura-san. Between your actions this past week and Urahara Kisuke arriving at the opportune moment to take the fall for me, I couldn't have planned this better than if I'd tried.
Hisana and Aizen discussing her death, Chapter 35

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