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Walk Two Lifetimes

  • Hisana reconsidering abandoning Rukia is a mixture of this and Tear Jerker, as Hisana thinks back to a memory of Christinas father telling her and her brother to stick by each other when it comes down to it.
    Rukia yawned, and then looked at me knowingly, as if to say, It's not that hard, idiot. You've already made your choice.
    I smiled ruefully back at her. "You're right," I said quietly. In the end, it was no choice at all. I shook my head and walked out of the alleyway with Rukia on my back. "Fuck canon."
    Abandon family? Leave my sister's life in the hands of fate? Not a chance.
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  • How much the people of Inuzuri adores Hisana and cares for her beyond the skills she provides by the start of chapter 15, to the point of thousands showing up at her goodbye party with thanks to say, relief that she was alright after being missing for weeks, congratulations on her impending entrance into the Seireitei, and tearful goodbyes.
  • Rukia giving Hisana a worn rabbit plushie that belongs to her as she is leaving.
    Rukia: I…I wanted to give you something to remember me by, nee-chan. And besides, I’m a big girl now! I don’t need Chappy anymore. So here. Just…just in case you get sad or lonely, Chappy’ll cheer you up, yeah?
    Hisana: I’ll hold onto it for you. Then when you and Renji join me in the Seireitei, I’ll give it back to you. Deal?
    Rukia: It’s a promise.
  • Hisana calming Chiyo down from a nightmare before demanding Hiro and Eiji stay with them for a sleepover as they don't feel comfortable being away from each other.
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  • Hisana and Byakuya naming koi fish together, naming each koi after someone they know.
  • At the end of chapter 22, Byakuya admits his feelings out loud to his grandfather and tells him he will have no one else. Kuchiki Ginrei admits he will not oppose their relationship.
  • Hisana tackling Byakuya to the floor to kiss him as a way of saying "yes" to being courted.
    • The way Byakuya had planned to ask Hisana to allow him to court her had a picnic in a private garden, her favorite foods prepared, even a speech.
  • Hisana and Byakuyas argument about gifts in chapter 25 ends with this...
    Hisana: Just getting to have you is enough of a gift for me. I don’t need anything more than that, Byakuya.
  • Just how proud Hisana is of her family.
    “Oh, yes. Most of them aren’t related to me by blood, but I couldn’t have asked for a better family,” she said enthusiastically, composed mask completely forgotten. “There’s Kazuki and Mitsuo, who are like my older brothers. They’ve looked out for me since I first met them. And then there’s Kaori, who’s taught me everything I needed to know about living in the Rukongai, and Miwa, my apprentice, who probably knows as much as me about herbal remedies by now. She’s such a smart girl,” Hisana said fondly, with pride written in every line of her face. “And then there’s Renji and Rukia. Renji’s a bit of a hothead…well, to be perfectly honest, they both have a bit of a temper, but they’re good kids really, incredibly talented. They’ll be amazing shinigami someday.”
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  • In an somewhat odd way, Gin being bothered by the idea that Hisana doesn't suspect Aizen of any wrongdoing, and how his thoughts of "She’s just a toy, like all the others. Replaceable", feels hollow even to him.
  • Hisanas reunion with her family in chapter 27.
  • Hisana being ready to sacrifice her life to rescue and keep Rukia and Renji alive is a mixture of this and Tear Jerker.
  • Hisanas late birthday gift to Byakuya. A picnic in the Kuchiki gardens with his favorite food where everything is Admiral Seaweed themed, with Hisana playing one of his mothers musical compositions on the violin.
  • Byakuya asking Hisana to marry him after the two of them have played tag.
  • Once more, in his own way, Gin attempting to warn Hisana to not work to save the Visored.
  • Unohanas pride and trust in Hisana when she asks Hisana to become her Lieutenant.
  • Gin honoring Hisanas memory by leaving Yoruichi an anonymous note with the message "The cause of Yukimura Hisana's death is a lie. The Visored are innocent."
  • Yoruichi working to make Kaien feel better despite it not being something she is actually good at, and her faith in both Hisanas judgement and Kaien never wanting to hurt her.
  • In an odd way, Gins reactions to Khimaira. How he absolutely hates "it", and how he immediately noticed something was off when Hisana has fully replaced Khimaira. It likewise says something about Hisanas relationship with Gin that even with her life on the line, she can't quite stop a little of her true personality from leaking out when she's with him.


  • Unohanas faith in Hisana being able to handle all the most problematic patients, patients that even seasoned healers have difficulty tolerating.
    Unohana: But as I was saying, a Fourth Division member must be able to deal with all manners of patients. As I'm sure you've noticed, Yukimura has a lot of potential and I find myself curious to see how she would conduct herself in a trying situation. Think of it as a test, if you will.
    Iemura: Yesterday, she called Ichimaru Gin a 'mutated, diseased, carcinogenic sperm that should be struck from existence for the good of the human genepool'. And you want me to trust her with the more difficult patients? Taicho, by the end of the week, she'll either get herself killed or she'll go on a murderous rampage and then get herself killed!
    Unohana: Oh, I think you underestimate her self-control. She's not the type to ever harm a patient in her care, or directly insult someone…unless that someone is named Ichimaru Gin, but I think he's a special case.
    Iemura: Sooner or later, she's going to explode.
    Unohana: No. What she will do is teach them that just because she chose to be a healer, it does not mean that she chose to be defenseless. For better or for worse, Yukimura Hisana is the type of person who brings change with her. Just wait and see, Iemura-kun. I think that she'll surprise you.
  • Hisana telling Rukia Disney stories as bedtime stories, and the way little Rukia calling Hisana mom because she has taken up that role makes her heart swell while still insisting on sisterhood.
  • Hisana convincing Ayame, Iemura, Isane, Hanataro, Ogidou, and half of the Fourth Division to try on Unohanas captain haori as a test to improve their confidence. Ayame and Iemura convincing Hisana to try it on as well, which is what Unohana walks in on.
    Unohana: And Hisana? I have no objection to you wearing my clothes but I do request that you ask first next time.

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