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Walk Two Lifetimes

  • Hisana dealing with Oshiro with a dignity that could match a nobles, and talking him into letting her take care of the captive Byakuya so she can free him. It is further highlighted in Byakuyas interlude in chapter 7.
  • Hisana tricking a man much larger than her into position to knee him in the balls and knocking him out with a brick so she can rob him blind, and that being the first time Tatsuya saw her.
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  • Hisana electrocuting a man for two straight minutes for attempting to kidnap some kids, including Renji, with a smile.
    “Ah, my apologies, but I can’t let you do that,” I said, my smile still glued to my face. He looked down in shock at where one hand was gripping his wrist, preventing his arm from moving. The other held Tatsuya’s dagger at his throat. “See, you decided to mess with my family, which makes it my business. And that ‘redheaded brat’ has been part of my family for over a decade now. A big sister should always protect her younger siblings, don’t you agree?” My grip on his wrist tightened. Behind me, Renji’s face turned red. “Going after my family…that was your first mistake. Your second mistake,” I said quietly, pressing the knife harder against his throat and drawing a thin line of blood, “was underestimating me.”
    With that, I sent an electric shock up his arm. My reiatsu, converted into electricity using a technique usually reserved for reviving people from the dead, traveled up the neurons in his arm to his spinal cord, before finally reaching his brain. My smile widened into a snarl as I amplified the technique, frying nerve cells and brain matter. He convulsed briefly before going still.
    Letting the body fall to the ground, I turned to Honda who seemed to have frozen in shock.
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  • Hisana is revealed to have perfect reiatsu control in her Academy entrance test, which is later expanded upon that it is something upper-level healers and Kido experts have as well as exceedingly rare to see in someone without formal training in reiatsu control.
  • Hisana picking a lock using her hair.
  • Hisana admitting her occupation and speciality to the Eleventh Division alongside an elegant "fuck you" to their faces.
    “Oh, I’m well aware. I just don’t see how it’s relevant. If you have a problem with me being a medic who specializes in kido, Madarame-san, Ayasegawa-san… Well, I’ve never been in the habit of apologizing for what I am.”
  • Hisana activating her Shikai while a Hollow has its hand in her body.
    Staggering to my feet, one hand clutching my abdomen to keep my guts from falling out, I offered the hollow a bloody smile and uttered just one phrase—one that felt as natural as breathing. “Rise, Tenshi no Tsubasa.”
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  • Hisana and Gin ganging up on Tsutsui for almost getting Hisana killed.
    Hisana: If you ever do anything like that again, I will dismember you slowly and painfully before throwing your bloody remains to the hollows myself. Got it?
    Masai: She’s supposed to be from the Fourth?
    Gin: Careful, Hisana-chan, your fangs are showin’.
    Hisana: He’s lucky. The only reason I’m not strangling him right now is because I just risked my life to save his sorry ass, and it would be kind of counterproductive if I killed him now.
    Gin: Is that so? Let me guess what happened. Seein’ as I found Hisana-chan several hundred meters away from everyone else fightin’ a group of hollows on her own, and I know she ain’t stupid enough to wander off by herself for no good reason, I’m gonna say that Tsutsui-kun here decided tha’ this was the perfect opportunity to show off and maybe gain a bit of glory for himself. Only he found himself a bit in over his head and so Hisana-chan had ta bail him out. And in repayment for her savin’ his life, he decided to turn tail and run like the coward he is, leavin’ her behind to hold the hollows off. Is that right, Tsutsui-kun?
    Tsutsui: (flushes) That ain’t true! I didn’t leave her behind—not on purpose, at least! I thought she was right behind me the whole time! And you’re being unfair, I…I didn’t go after those hollows because I was stupid, they were gonna reach us any minute anyway and you guys were taking your sweet time coming here, so I thought I’d head out and hold them off…and yeah, Hi—I mean, Yukimura-san may have helped me out, and…okay, she may have gotten hurt, but she seems to be fine now and besides, I didn’t mean to! And who do you think you are, addressing her so familiarly anyway?!
    Gin: Oh, this is precious. (laughs) It all makes so much more sense now. Not that I blame you—Hisana-chan is quite a catch, after all. Kind, skilled, patient enough ta put up with ya imbecilic ramblin’; ya must have been ecstatic ta come along on this mission. And what better way to impress the pretty healer than ta prove your worth by showin’ her yer strong enough ta protect her?
    Tsutsui: I—that’s not tr—
    Gin: Funny how things turn out, huh? Not only did ya fail ta be the hero, but ya also almost got yer crush killed by attempting ta do so. I’ll need ta tell Hirako-taicho ta do a better job screenin’ the new applicants, because the last time I checked, the Fifth wasn’t a place for brainless, pathetic worms to cower in, hidin’ their weaknesses behind delusions of grandeur. Tell me, because I’m dyin’ ta know…how does it feel, as a warrior, ta need a healer ta rescue you? Not only a healer, but an Academy student?
    Tsutsui: Wha—what are you talking about? Yukimura’s not…Yukimura’s not an Academy student. She’s got a zanpakuto and everything, and she’s part of the Fourth.
    Gin: Ah yes, the Fourth’s newest intern. Unohana-taicho was very quick to snatch her up—a masterful move, I must admit. Lookin’ at her now, you’d hardly think she only had around three months of trainin’ under her, would ya? Which is why I’d have been rather upset if ya got her killed—students with potential are so hard ta come by these days.
    Tsutsui: A… first year?
    Gin: Do be more careful next time, okay, Tsutsui-kun? Wouldn’t want a repeat of this incident—flirtin’ with students, then almost gettin’ them killed in the field after dependin’ on them ta cover for you…why, that kinda thing would leave a black mark on anyone’s record. Such a shame… and I’d heard such good things about your family too. What would they think?
  • Hisana and Byakuyas spar in chapter 22 has Hisana proving that while Byakuya is fast, Hisana is creative with a terrifying vicious streak that lets her keep up with him.
    The thing about Hisana, Byakuya thought, dodging a bright yellow flare of energy before sending a Byakurai spell back. Was that it didn’t matter that she wasn’t quite as fast, or strong. It didn’t matter that he had decades more experience, or that her skills couldn’t really compare to his, or that she was sometimes clumsy and reckless to the point of foolishness, because she just kept coming back, learning from her mistakes and getting better with each passing moment.
  • Hisanas first meeting with Shinji and second meeting with Aizen, to which she was pulled by Gin, where Hisana manages to act convincingly charmed by Aizen - even getting acting advice from him, and screws with Gins reading of her.
  • What Hisana does to the massive amount of Hollows that are called by the Hollow bait is not known, but not one of them survived her. When she was found she was the only thing alive in a hundred meter radius.
  • Hisana staging a complete hostile takeover of the mind and body of the Hollow that ate her in such a subtle way that they suspected nothing until she came for them.


  • Hisana taking charge of brainstorming how to increase applicants to the Fourth and deciding to give them a lesson in having the right attitude by first asking them why people would not apply. The list includes fewer opportunities for promotion, see less battle, janitorial duties, unglamorous, no one respects them, and it's a job for girls.
    Hisana: Thank you, Tsukuda-san. Now, the reason I asked you to do this is because all of these things? What you just came up with? They're all true.
    Iemura: Wha—Yukimura! You can't-
    Hisana: Can't I? After all, you're the ones who came up with that list. Who am I to tell you you're wrong? And if you go up to anyone…anyone at all, regardless of what squad they're in and ask them if they agree, they will—even if they're too polite to say it out loud. You know that as well as I do, Iemura-senpai, so there's no point in denying it. I didn't come here to lie to you guys; in my experience, there's never much use in ignoring the truth.
    Ayame: Then why… Why would you join here, then? Why bother taking that stupid internship at all if you think our squad is so awful, huh?
    Hisana: Tsukuda-san, you didn't let me finish. The things on that list are all true, and they're all reasons why our division is scorned by the others. But I look at that list and I don't see a single reason to be ashamed. The reason I asked you all to do this exercise was because I wanted to show you what I see when I look at our division. It's true that a Fourth Division member generally has fewer opportunities to earn a promotion. An officer can spend decades working hard without getting moved up a single seat. But that just means that when they do get promoted, it's because they truly deserve it. Because they devoted their lives to saving lives, to stopping bloodshed with no promise of a reward—and really, isn't that what a shinigami is supposed to do in the first place? Number two on the list…'see less battle.' Well, to be honest, I don't see what the problem is here. I mean, when it comes down to it, isn't a drastically lower mortality rate a good thing? Doesn't mean we're cowards, it just means that we're pretty much the only squad with common sense.
    Unnamed Male Shinigami: What about the next one?
    Hisana: Oh, the extra 'chores' we have to do? So we're the squad with the greatest variety of jobs. I don't see that as a bad thing? Personally, I think it's nice that I get to take a break from healing sometimes by painting a wall or cooking or building a fence. And since our jobs take us all over the city, whenever I want to visit my friends in other divisions, I just request a cleanup job to that squad. It's a great way of balancing my work life with my social one.
    Unnamed Male Shinigami: Okay I'll give you that one, but even you can't make the sewers sound nice.
    Hisana: I have no idea what you're talking about. We have intimate knowledge of a secret network of tunnels under the city. Do you know how many times I've managed to avoid Ichimaru Gin by ducking into the nearest sewer entrance?
    Unnamed Female shinigami: And when people call us weak? That we're so pathetic a lot of us don't even carry our swords around? I m-mean even you…even you don't, Yukimura-san.
    Hisana: The only reason I don't carry Tenshi no Tsubasa around is so I won't be tempted to castrate half my patients and murder the rest whenever I have a bad day. A quick piece of advice. If anyone calls you weak for not carrying a giant weapon around, remind them that if you were to have a psychotic break—say, one brought on by having to deal with an excessive amount of irritating comments—it would lead to a disaster. A massacre of epic proportions, considering the amount of time we spend around relatively helpless injured shinigami. So really, when you choose not to carry around a weapon, it's for their own good, as well as the good of the general population. It's far easier to subdue an unarmed opponent, after all. The same goes for if someone calls you useless. Remind them that the mortality rate of shinigami would be over ten times higher without us. And that chances are, we've saved their life at some point or another. So when they call you useless, they're really calling their own life worthless.
    Unnamed Male Shinigami 2: What about when people say healing is a 'feminine' job?
    Hisana: Well, I guess that one makes sense. As you all know, we see a lot of blood in our line of work. So it only makes sense that healers would need tougher stomachs. And it's a fact of life that females see more blood in their lifetimes than males do.
    Unnamed Male Shinigami 2: What are you talking about?
    Hisana: Isn't it obvious? We shed the insides of our organs once a month. Given the amount of blood and tissue that comes out of our genitals, of course girls see more blood than boys. If you consider that, it's only logical that most healers are girls—a lot of men can't handle the stress of the job. If you need any more proof about how hardcore women are…well, taicho's a woman. You should be honored to have such a feminine occupation. Now that that's taken care of…any more questions?
    Ayame: Just one. The last thing on the list…it's easy to talk about saying 'no,' but what do we do if someone…hurts us for not doing what they want us to do?
    Hisana: I can tell you what not to do. What you don't do is face them alone. Everyone in this squad knows what it's like to be at the bottom. Well, except maybe taicho, but almost everyone. And that means we have to support each other, because if we don't, who else will? So if someone hurts one of us…well, Squad Four may be the healing squad, but if someone harms one of us, I have absolutely no compunctions against making them bleed. Because that's the thing about us healers, isn't it? We're good at putting a body back together, but that also means we know exactly how to take one apart.

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