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Tear Jerker / The Zeta Project

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  • Macy, the girl who appeared on the show Ro went on to find her brother. After dealing with a Disappeared Dad, her mother vanishes and might in fact have been killed by a hurricane. She then goes on TV in a desperate bid to find her mother, unable to believe she's dead. Said show cruelly tricks her, gives her a Hope Spot where she meets a woman made to look like her mother, and the next day she's thrown back into the foster care system. The kicker? They never give her a happy ending. While the host of the show says at the end she'll work to actually help the people they've hurt, there is virtually no chance of a woman in a hurricane zone being alive years later. If she is, then that Hope Spot is tainted, too, because they state many people were affected by the trauma and forgot who they are. Macy's mother may be alive, but she doesn't know Macy exists. Macy is also ten years old when she's on the show, meaning she was even younger when all this happened. Downer Ending is an understatement.

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