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Tear Jerker / The Strain

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  • Ansel Barbour's subplot in the first book. He has a mentally ill and extremely superstitious wife, and is slowly succumbing to his newfound thirst for blood, which culminates in him feeding on his two dogs, and his aforementioned wife killing herself.
  • The Fall has this in spades. It's a Darker and Edgier followup to the first book, which was already grisly in its own right. One such example is Setrakian being forced to kill his wife, who was turned by Eichhorst.
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  • The entire subplot with Nora's mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. It's not played in the narmtastic way the show portrayed it. It doesn't help that she is sent to be slaughtered in the next book, with Nora being unable to do anything about it.
  • The death of Setrakian. Sure, it was equal parts Face Death with Dignity, Heroic Sacrifice, Dying as Yourself, and Dying Moment of Awesome, but it's still sad to have to see this kindly old man go. Even Fet tears up when Setrakian makes it clear that he has to die.
  • Eph's Heroic Sacrifice in The Night Eternal. He blows up the Master's site of origin ... along with the Master, himself, Zack, and Quinlan.

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