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Tear Jerker / The Aristocats

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Somebody give these kittens a hug!

  • After Duchess and the kittens get dropped out of their basket from Edgar's motorcycle, Duchess worries about Madame Adelaide discovering their disappearance. The next scene shows Adelaide waking up and discovering that her cats are missing.
    • Just how badly losing her beloved pets affects Adelaide. Aside from her lawyer and her butler, she has no friends, no family, no one at all. Duchess and her kittens were all that Adelaide had left in the world and now they're gone.
  • Near the end of the film, Thomas O'Malley and Duchess have a short regretful farewell before parting ways. The kittens are staring at the two on the verge of tears. Especially since the three were secretly lessening to their conversation the previous night.
  • After the Alley Cats leave O'Malley's pad for the night Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz go to bed. Suddenly Marie gets up to follow Duchess and hears her mother's conversation with Thomas. They romance each other but Duchess insists on getting home to Madame when O'Malley offers to be a father to the kittens. Marie's reaction is heartbreaking as she's secretly lessening to their conversation. Eventually her brothers (Berlioz and Toulouse) join their sister to listen to their conversation and are all saddened that they almost had a father. It's also one of the only notable sad scenes in the film, especially Marie who's taking it the hardest.
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  • After Edgar discovers the cats have returned home near the end of the film, he immediately grabs a bag and traps all of them inside. They start meowing in fear as Edgar traps the cats into an oven. Adelaide excitedly comes downstairs and tells Edgar she heard meowing from the cats. Edgar tells her that he didn't hear any cat noises and after both calling out for the cats, Adelaide walks away in a sad mood telling herself that she's hearing things again.
  • Prior to that scene, Roquefort (who is inside the house near a glass window) tries to warn the kittens that Edgar is going to trap them. Marie thinks he's happy to see them back.
  • When Roquefort tries to rescue the cats, Duchess then tells him to get Thomas and the Alley Cats to rescue them. Roquefort searches for Thomas O'Malley, who sends him to fetch the Alley Cats. They attempt to eat him, but Roquefort is to scared for himself to get his word out. Luckily, he manages too burst out with Thomas' name just in time.
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  • Edgar was actually a decent guy who worked hard and really seemed to care for the Madame and her cats, but then his greed and possible jealousy made him turn on the ones who trusted him and thought of him as family.


  • The 2012 book "The Aristocats: The Runaway Kittens" involves Marie accidentally becoming a stray kitten and wild cat for the day. In the book, she loses her bow and ribbon and gets very dirty. She befriends a stray kitten named "Leo" (who resembled Toulouse) who teaches her the life of a stray cat. Eventually she starts crying knowing she no longer looks ladylike, much to the confusion of Leo due to never living in a wealthy and rich lifestyle as Marie.
  • The "Miriya & Marie" manga has some notably sad moments between Miriya and Marie.
    • After Marie sends Miriya back to Paris, France in the year 1910. Miriya starts missing her timeline since she's from modern day Japan. Marie quickly cheers her up after she see's her crying.
    • After Marie introduces Miriya to her mother Duchess. They start showing affection between each other, Miriya gets very sad seeing their interaction since her parents are hardly present. Marie decides to cheer up up by giving her a magic crystal ball so she can see her parents more.
    • Once Marie finishes training Miriya on becoming a witch. Miriya then asks Marie "Does this mean we won't see each other again?". Marie reacts to Miriya's question by sadly remaining silent. This later becomes heartwarming, when Marie suddenly returns to Miriya in modern day Japan.


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