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Tear Jerker / Superman: Brainiac

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  • When Brainiac surrounded Kandor with a force-field, the Kandorians hit the energy wall and cried out.
  • Kara admits that she would like being like her cousin, who has not any memories of their home-world.
    Supergirl: Sometimes I wish I didn't have any memories of Krypton. Maybe then I'd be like you... Maybe then I wouldn't miss it so much.
  • Superman fails to save Pa Kent from a fatal heart attack, because Kandor was coming back to full size and he was mesmerized.
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  • Equally sad is that after Pa Kent's funeral Superman actually fantasizes about going after Brainiac, the villain responsible for the whole damn thing, cornering him in his cell, and fantasizes brutally beating him to death. It's not only incredibly creepy to see Superman actually fantasize about killing someone, no matter how terrible, but the look on his face in the final panel of the fantasy that shows him realizing this won't bring his father back, just makes it even more heartbreaking.
  • Pa suffers a stroke after saving his wife.
    Jonathan: Everything's going to be all right, Martha. Everything's going to be all right now.


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