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Awesome / Superman: Brainiac

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  • In Action Comics #870: "Welcome to Earth, Brainiac"
  • Supergirl having a You Shall Not Pass! moment to protect Lois when Brainiac raids Metropolis.
    Kara: Lois. Go.
    Lois Lane: Kara...
    Kara: Please. GO!
    Lois: You can fly away—
    Kara: They attacked my world, Lois. They abducted the city of Kandor. And they killed hundreds to do it. I'm NOT running away. I want to, but I can't. Kal didn't. Neither will I!
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  • Brainiac gloats over abducting Superman's cousin and adopted people and mocks Superman by "betraying" his race since he is a Kryptonian who considers himself human. Then Superman grabs a tube connected to Brainiac's brain, bites through it, and punches Brainiac so hard that the Coluan goes flying.
    Superman: Inflicting pain on others doesn't seem to bother you. It bothers me. Usually.
  • And as an additional insult, Superman asks "Which one is it, alien? Which one is Kandor?" After hearing Brainiac's garbage about "betraying his race" he's so angry he will not say his name.
  • Brainiac mocks Superman, stating that he is a simple brute. Superman replies he is one when he needs to be brutal. Then he grabs Brainiac's head and smashes his face into his fist.
  • Brainiac shoots a missile at the Sun, and Superman needs his cousin to stop it. When she tells she cannot do it because she is scared, Superman answers he knows she can. She is shocked for an instant, before getting an utterly determined stare. Supergirl takes off, flies after the missile and stops it before it reaches the Sun.
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  • Jonathan Kent saves Martha's life when Brainiac blows their home up. The old guy was always a hero till the end.


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