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Heartwarming / Superman: Brainiac

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  • In Action Comics #867, Kara glomps Clark while she tells him she is terrified of Brainiac. He hugs her back to reassure her.
  • Superman hugs his cousin when Kara is having a breakdown.
    Superman: It's all right. It's not going to hurt you. Not anymore.
  • Lois supporting Kara during Braniac's invasion, even holding her hand at one point.
  • Just before Superman flies off to track down Brainiac he has a chat with Pa Kent. Pa shows Clark a whole bunch of mementos from Clark's childhood (such as a baseball Clark knocked clear across Smallville). Now, this is heartwarming enough on its own, but what clinches it is Clark engraving World's Greatest Dad on a horseshoe and giving it to his adoptive father before he goes.


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