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Tear Jerker / Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird

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This film, unusual for Sesame Street, has a glut of these moments:

  • One Little Star. Dare you to watch it and not tear up.
  • "I'm a bluebird, that's been dreaming..." Dear GOD.
  • Big Bird telling Snuffy he has to leave.
    • Their reunion at the end of the film counts as both this and Heartwarming.
  • Also, Big Bird saying goodbye to the rest of his Sesame Street friends afterward.
    Maria: Don't forget, Big Bird, we love you!
    • Even OSCAR is saddened upon his departure.
    Big Bird: Well, goodbye, Oscar.
    Oscar: (surprised) What? Why, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. (sniffs)
  • When Big Bird sends his Sesame Street friends a letter telling them about his new family, it's hard not to frown when you hear the last line.
    I should be happy, what's wrong with me?
  • In a real-world example, this was Jim Henson's final theatrical role as Kermit the Frog (and Ernie) before his death in 1990.

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