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Tear Jerker / Schikaneder

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  • Eleonore's lament on having a chronically unfaithful husband, "Wegzusehen" (Look Away).
    • The little instrumental, "Emanuels Affäre", that plays between "Das hellstrahlendste Träumpaar (Reprise)" and "Wegzusehen". It's Eleonore watching as Emanuel waltzes with one paramour after another.
  • "Johanns Ende/Requiem" - it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin, Johann's death and requiem.
  • Emanuel's What Have I Done moment, "Letzte Vorhang" (Final Curtain).
  • The soundtrack excised it, but Eleonore's Big "NO!" as she sees Maria Anna and Emanuel embracing, mistaking it as them renewing their affair right after the Schikaneders have managed to patch up their relationship counts as one.

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