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  • Joseph being so entranced by Eleonore's Juliet monologue that he stumbles in his lines. She has to cue him.
  • Maria Anna screaming in Emanuel's face: "I'm going to look for a nicer man next time! SOMEONE WITHOUT A WIFE!"
  • Speaking of Maria Anna, "Freut euch mit mir" can be seen with a little bit of Cringe Comedy because how on Earth is anyone this clueless?
  • Emanuel's little "Awwww..." in "Träum groß (Reprise)". It's so out of character for both Emanuel himself and Mark Seibert's typical roles that it's simultaneously hilarious and adorable.
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  • This picture. note 
  • Seibert seems to be a goldmine for this. Here's him bouncing from a behind the scenes documentary on the show.
  • This little bit, serving as Hilarious in Hindsight for those aware of the connection between this show and Mozart!.
    Emanuel: Is it possible that the world will never hear the greatest work yet completed by Wolfgang Amadè Mozart?
    Theater inspector: (Beat) I have no idea who that is.
  • Emanuel actually crawling during “So viele Fische im Meer” as he imagines Eleonore crawling back to him.
  • "But he is dead!" "We do not accept permits held by a dead man."

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