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Tear Jerker / Ruby Nation

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Ruby Nation is full of unhappy people and situations. These are some of those tearjerker instances.

  • The soldier killed by Moray in the prologue. He may be a nameless mook, but he’s a mook with a family and Ruby cries for his sake despite him being an enemy soldier. It’s both poignant and kind of depressing.

  • Ruby’s mother experimented on her and killed herself to cover her tracks. It may have lead Ruby into becoming the person she is today, but it’s still a pretty messed-up story.

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  • As it turns out, the reason Elise has gaps in her memory is because she was brainwashed into a violent psychopath. Her memory was altered by Jiro in an attempt to restore her to a happier, more stable state. This…hasn’t quite worked out.

  • Ruby attempt to rescue a child hostage and raise him, only for that child to die days later from infection. The memory of that only raises her doubts with herself when she finds out she’s pregnant.

  • Kaluga’s reason for working with Apex despite their murderous dealings? He has a massive facial tumor and severe feelings of isolation as a result. When he meets Elise, she looks past that and even gives him a kiss. Of course, she remembers none of this due to her amnesia, leaving Kaluga as the only one to remember this encounter.
  • Kaluga's death. Made even sadder by the fact that Elise couldn't remember him, but still feels an attachment to him.
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  • Jiro's emotional breakdown when Ruby is taken away by Beagle. Even at his worst reaction to it, it's still very sad to see how broken up he is, especially when the guilt sets in.
  • Alexis is Killed Off for Real by Apex-influenced Jens. That by itself is a huge tearjerker, but then we find out she knew she was bound to die and left everyone a heartfelt goodbye letter in her pocket to motivate them to move on without her. It's a very touching and extremely sad scene all around.
  • Ruby's plan to set all the post-humans in the Lotus Garden free works a little too well. The visible despair and horror they are suddenly hit with is not a pretty sight.