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Fridge Brilliance

  • The type of people that Dr. Carcharria chooses for Apex makes a lot of sense when you consider her backstory. being a misfit to society, it makes sense that she would choose Kaluga and Moray, who were also outcasts in society. It also makes sense why they would listen to her—she knows exactly what they want to hear, being in a similar situation. Her choice to use an animal as the third member of the team also shows how much she dehumanizes her underlings—they're on the same footing in her eyes as a genetically-modified animal.
Fridge Horror
  • As it turns out, Moray is a ten-year-old and Ratel is an actual honey badger. And Ruby's team has been fighting them with lethal force. Given Ruby is Friend to All Living Things and Friend to All Children, this is a huge violation of her personal ethics—and she had no way of knowing that until recently.