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Tear Jerker / Rocked Reviews

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  • In his review of Good Charlotte's "The Young and the Hopeless," when he gets to the eleventh track, "The Day That I Die", he gets into a lengthy, emotional speech about suicide and urges any viewers who may be having suicidal thoughts to get the help they need to prevent themselves from taking their own life.
    • The build up counts as well: the way he bluntly calls out Good Charlotte and Daylight/Epic Records for being hypocrites with having a song about hope ("Hold On") and then having "The Day That I Die", before going into the rant about the Unfortunate Implications it can give to their audience.
    Luke: You adults knew what you were doing. You knew you were singing stuff like this just to target an audience. Because there's no way you'd be that much of a hypocrite to have a song like "Hold On", and then have a song like this, and the joy of walking your dog for the last time, and talking to your crying mother as you tell her you love her for the last time. [...] You have NO IDEA how badly that can mess with someone's head! Especially a thirteen- or fourteen-year-old who doesn't understand themselves. (a long beat follows as he composes himself) There are people that are that bad in life. And they think suicide is an option. And I will never argue if someone takes their own life. It's their choice. But that's not something to sing about and praise. It should never be an option - it is that bad. It should never have to get to that level for anyone, and especially not to sing about, and something that you can mock and laugh about, and then just continue on like it just never happened.
  • His own reveal on how much he struggled back in college during his review of The Mars Volta's "Frances the Mute", mentioning he was in a very big low point in his life concerning health problems, issues with acquaintances and being judged by a religious group for his appearance. Considering Luke's snarky but still well-spoken demeanor, it's pretty saddening to know he suffered for a long while, but only becomes a bit heartwarming as he mentions how the album would make him feel better, specifically the final track "Cassandra Gemini", despite the song's dark themes.
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  • While very comedic, his descent into sadness and anger in his Limp Bizkit review of Results May Very is this, as he spirals more and more down to the point where he tries to have a car run him over because of the "Behind Blue Eyes" cover.
  • His video about the suicides of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, cutting through all the rhetoric about suicide, depression, and fan opinions of their music to get down to one important issue: anyone can feel suicidal thoughts regardless of their success or status, and you are not weak for seeking help.


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