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Tear Jerker / Rihannsu

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The Romulan Way

  • S'task chooses to go against his teacher Surak's beliefs and leave Vulcan to found the Romulan Empire. As his fleet of generation ships leaves Vulcan forever, S'task sends Surak a verse of poetry:
    Enthrone your pasts;
    This done, fire and old blood
    Will find you again:
    Better hearts' breaking
    Than worlds'.
  • Years later, after Surak dies, they find this verse of poetry among his writings:
    Dethrone the past;
    This done, day comes up new
    Though empty-hearted:
    O the long silence,
    My son!
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  • S'task and his followers had left because S'task had realized the wars on Vulcan would likely start again and wanted to both remove a possible cause-namely himself and his followers-and keep the economy too busy with building their colony ships to restart the wars just long enough for Surak's reformation to spread and finally pacify the Vulcans. As the future Romulans are about to leave communication range, one of the last messages announces that Surak has been killed by opposers who didn't join S'task, and the war has resumed. And they cannot know it's the last war.


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