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YMMV / Rihannsu

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  • Better Than Canon: Many fans consider this series to be much better than the canon depictions of the Romulans, where they were either just a little-developed Monster of the Week (Star Trek: The Original Series) or realpolitik-practicing villains only out for themselves (Star Trek: The Next Generation and beyond).
  • Epileptic Trees: Ael comments in her narration as she beams off the Enterprise at the end of My Enemy, My Ally that she thinks she's figured out Kirk's fourth name, but never says what it is or means. This has sparked quite a bit of theorizing.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Ael's comment on the Meaningful Name of USS Intrepid is something to the effect that a ship named for fearlessness may forget caution. Then came Star Trek: Voyager, which revolved around an Intrepid-class starship.
    • Adding to it, the general Rihannsu belief that a ship given a big, bold name will try and live up to that name, hence why the Rihannsu can never defeat the Enterprise. Kirk and Ael have a long conversation about ships named Intrepid having a history of bad luck. Now, we have Voyager, an Intrepid-class ship, bad luck and trying to live up to it's name!


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