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Tear Jerker / Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

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This British synth-pop act has some very emotional songs.

  • "If You Leave", the Breakaway Pop Hit from Pretty in Pink for which the band is best known, can really tug on one's heartstrings, in no small part thanks to Andy McCluskey's impassioned delivery.
    I touched you once,
    I touched you twice
    I won't let go at any price
    I need you now
    like I needed you then
    You always said
    we'd still be friends
  • "So in Love", a heartfelt and melancholy Break-Up Song inspired by McCluskey's own relationship woes.
    Heaven is cold,
    without any soul
    It's hard to believe
    I was so in love with you
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  • "Silent Running", being an album-only song, is a somber electronic piece which feels dark and remorseful about what could possibly be a description of purgatory.
  • "Enola Gay", despite its upbeat instrumentals, is ultimately a dark and depressing ballad about a very serious historical subject. Its use in Waltz with Bashir makes it even sadder.
  • Similar to the above, "Dreaming" is an upbeat poppy song about a person distraught over having feelings for someone who refuses to commit to them.
  • "Souvenir". To put it into context, Andy Bell of Erasure mentioned that the song always moved him to tears.
  • "Joan of Arc" also counts, especially during the climax of the song.
  • "Love and Violence", which is about the failure of a relationship that eventually leads to abuse.

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