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Tear Jerker / Ozzy Osbourne

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  • "Close My Eyes Forever"
  • The fact that Ozzy's firing from Black Sabbath occured around the time his father was dying. While visiting him on his death bed, he had to confess he'd been let go. His father's response? "They're finished then."
  • Don Arden caused him and Sharon so much pain, yet towards the end of his life he was so wrecked from Alzheimer's even Ozzy took pity on him. He even helped apply his ear drops when the family or the nurses weren't around, not sure why but feeling obligated.
  • Randy Rhoads' death. The way Ozzy and Rudy Sarzo [ex-bassist of the band] put it in their books is chilling. In Sarzo's book, you get to know every member of the band with particular focus on Sarzo himself and Rhoads. Then the chapter about Randy's death comes along, and this particular segment hits you out of nowhere.
    ... I went for a walk and came upon a church down the street from the motel. I walked in and noticed that the place was empty except for one lonely soul on his knees praying near the altar. I too wanted to be alone so I kept my distance as I knelt down at a pew near the entrance and prayed. As I closed my eyes and wept, I could hear him sobbing uncontrollably. Even in my darkest hour I couldn't help but feel compassion towards someone who seemed to be in more agony than myself. Suddenly, he let out a bone-chilling moan that reverberated throughout the church. "Why! Why?!" he cried. I raised my head and looked over at him. It was Ozzy.
  • "See You On the Other Side" is about what Ozzy thinks will happen once he dies and crosses over to the titular other side, and how he tells those he loves that are grieving that they'll see each other on the other side. It might be a ballad to Sharon, or just to everyone he cares about, nobody really knows.
    God knows I'll see you
    I'll see you on the other side.
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  • Decades after his death, Ozzy hears a lost solo from Randy Rhodes found in a master tape. His expression speaks a thousand words.
  • He was one of the first to be informed of the death of his good friend, Motörhead founder Lemmy (including the timing being right as he was leaving to visit him). He then posted on Twitter that Lemmy was "a warrior and a legend," and "I will see you on the other side" (which was fittingly a song Lemmy wrote for Ozzy).
  • "Suicide Solution" was Ozz's homage to AC/DC's Bon Scott, who had just passed away due to alcoholism.
  • "Ordinary Man" could easily be a Grand Finale for Ozzy's career where he, now in his seventies, all but bids goodbye to his adoring fans while reminiscing on his storied life and career and owning up to his worst decisions. All with a guest verse from Elton John, who is about the same age and nearing retirement. The music video is just as sad, as it simply shows Ozzy sitting in a theater in Birmingham, watching a reel of his life in photographs and videos. At some points he actually tears up, like when Randy Rhoads comes up. It makes you want to reach through the screen and offer him your shoulder.
    Yes I’ve been a bad guy, been higher than the blue sky
    And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
    Yes, the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man

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  • “You Know...(Pt. 1)” from Down to Earth has static TV sounds and a depressing acoustic guitar, alongside with lyrics that could make you have Ocular Gushers.

  • “Under the Graveyard”, with it’s gothic and depressing tone, dealing with drug addiction. The accompanying music video definitely serves as a tear jerker since the video’s set in 1979, during that time he had a destructive lifestyle mixed with drugs that almost made him killed himself after being kicked out of Black Sabbath due to his erratic behavior.

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