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Tear Jerker / Life Is Beautiful

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  • Guido taking the goose steps as the guard takes him to die. He knows his fate, but he also knows his son is watching.
  • While in the concentration camp, Guido comes across an old friend who is also a Nazi officer. The officer arranges for him and Guido to have a meeting and Guido thinks that he is going to help him and his son. He's not. Just the look on Guido's face as he finds out his presence was requested only to help decipher a riddle. If you carefully pay attention to how the Nazi officer acts, you come to realize that the man probably became as intensely focused on the riddle as he did as a defense mechanism against the atrocities he was ordered to commit. Guido's crestfallen expression reflects his realization that not only is his "friend" not going to help him, but has been completely broken by the whole ordeal.
  • Dora's insistence that she should also be taken to the camps with her husband and son, even though she isn't Jewish.
    • Also, her expression as she turns behind as Guido calls out for her after the train stops.
  • Guido's uncle who unwittingly meets his end in the gas chamber.
  • There's also the young girl with a cat on the way to the concentration camp. The cat is seen running away from the gas chamber victims' clothes.
  • Guido playing Offenbach for Dora at the end.
  • Guido promised Giosuè a tank. The tank appears at the end and the driver takes Giosuè on it with him. Its arrival has nothing to do with Guido - it's just the victorious Americans taking over the camp - but Giosuè is thrilled anyway.
    Giosuè: We won!


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