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Nightmare Fuel / Life Is Beautiful

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  • Dora walks back to her house and finds her husband and son are being deported. When she asks the Gestapo for an explanation, the officer smugly tells her that they are on the list of deportees, while she's not. So in his mind, she should just let her husband and child to be deported because they're Jewish and she's not.
  • If you understand German, what the guard actually says at the arrival of the prisoners is horrifying:
    Guard: Attention! Is there an Italian who speaks German? Listen! I say this only once. There's only one reason why you have been transported to this camp — to work! Any attempt of sabotage will be punished immediately with execution. The executions will take place at the courtyard by shots in the back. You have the honour to work for our great German Fatherland and participate in the construction of the greater German empire. You should never forget 3 basic rules: 1. Don't try to flee! 2. Follow every command without asking! 3. Any attempt of a rebellion will be punished by hanging! Is that clear?! You should be happy to work here! Nothing will happen to you as long you obey the commands. Obedience is everything! And another thing - at this whistle, everyone into the courtyard, fast! Muster in two rows - silence! — every morning in roll-call. One more thing - you will work over there and you will soon recognise the dimensions of this camp easily.
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  • Giosuè tells his father that contestants/prisoners are turned into buttons and soap. Guido's over-the-top laughing can't disguise his horror.
  • Guido, wandering through the foggy camp and carrying a sleeping Giosue, comes across a pile of naked corpses at least ten metres high. He slowly walks backwards so Giosuè doesn't face it.
  • The camp purge before the arrival of the Allies. Fire, screams, gunshots, panic, soldiers running to and fro.
  • As awful as the camp is, it was only a labour camp rather than a death camp. For millions of camp inmates in Europe it was much worse.

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