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Heartwarming / Life Is Beautiful

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  • Guido and his son taking control of the camp's speakers to send a message to his wife:
    "Buongiorno Principessa!"
  • The tank that Guido promised his son as a reward for keeping out of sight ending up being real as an American Sherman rolls into the abandoned camp only a few hours after the Germans evacuate.
  • The ending with Giosuè reuniting with his mother, who at the point had no hope to see him alive. It doubles as Tear Jerker since the hell they've been through and that Guido had to die to make this happen.
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  • Meta-example: The film was candidated at 1999 Academy Awards, presented by fellow-Italian Sophia Loren (maybe Foreshadowing?). As she, speaking in English, is revealing the winner you can literally hear her voice switch to a heavy Italian accent, calling "ROBBBERTOOO!".note  It is even more heartwarming since they are friend in Real Life aside from fellow Italians.

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