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Tear Jerker / Kiss of Revenge

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  • Any time, on any route, when the protagonist asks her late mother's memory if it's okay for her to have a life and be happy. It's heartbreaking to witness someone so broken by circumstance that she thinks living for herself is a betrayal.
  • In an already fairly dark game, Issei's route will startle some tears out of you. The climax of the protagonist's revenge plot comes when she is invited to dinner at Issei's home. This is the perfect time to kill Issei, who the protagonist has learned was the doctor who made the fatal mistake in her mother's operation. She finds her chance when it appears Issei has passed out, and the protagonist has ready access to a knife. When she cannot bring herself to kill him, Issei reveals he was awake the whole time, and planned the dinner to give the protagonist a chance to have her revenge. He even encourages her to kill him, if it will give her peace.
    • A similar confrontation happens in Issei's Another Story, when he tells the protagonist he will kill himself if it will give her peace. It's pretty harsh for a game rated 12+.

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