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Awesome / Kiss of Revenge

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  • The protagonist achieves one as her backstory. After her mother's death she swears revenge on the doctor who caused it. Twelve years later she has not only become a surgeon, which is no small feat in itself, she already has the skills necessary to catch the attention of Issei Sezaki, whose talents are legendary and internationally renowned.
  • In Irie's Good Ending, the protagonist travels to his hometown to persuade him to return to Ebisu General. Irie proves difficult to persuade... until Dr. Kowatari "accidentally" tears the letter of resignation that the protagonist brought with her, and the two of them cheerfully agree that Ebisu General's acting director won't possibly be able to accept the letter in that condition. Considering how much of his route Irie spends proving that he's a good step or two ahead of most of the rest of the cast, seeing him so thoroughly outmaneuvered is a genuine delight to behold.

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