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  • In Junpei's Another Story, he tells the protagonist to pick a place she'd like to go out to on a date, but given how limited her life has been since her mother's death, she has trouble thinking of anything. So she asks Ayame for advice. Comedy ensues.
    Ayame: Whatever, have fun. You're adults, you don't even have to go anywhere. Just get a hotel.
    Protagonist: (Nothing good is going to come of this.)
    Ayame: I expect a full report.
  • At the end of Irie's Another Story, several chapters of doubt, insecurity, and jealousy are finally resolved with the reveal that, no, Irie didn't have another woman on the side that he was trying to hide from the protagonist: it was his old mentor Dr. Kowatari and his cat. Kowatari proceeds to regale the protagonist with every embarrassing story about Irie's childhood that he can think of.
    • The comedy doesn't stop when Kowatari finally leaves the two of them alone together:
    Protagonist: You're jealous of an old man?
    Irie: Interesting for someone who was jealous of a cat to say.
    • The morning after, the protagonist makes breakfast for Irie... an omelet. With peas in it. While there are instances in several other Voltage games of the protagonist trying to make her guy's hated vegetable into a dish that he'll like, it's clearly not so in this case - she's just doing it to troll him.
    Irie: I'll have you know, I don't have a particular dislike of peas.
    Protagonist: I believe what you called it was.... 'Less of a physical allergy and more of a mental one.' Wasn't that it?
    Irie: That's it.
    Protagonist: Did you know? What we call that, out there in the world, is 'dislike.'
  • Issei demonstrates how far he's come in his Another Story epilogue:
    Ayame: I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about, right? Go, make out.
    Protagonist: Hey, we're not...
    Issei: [puts his arm around the protagonist's shoulders] Thank you, we will.

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